10 tips to buy online safely in Nigeria

10 Tips To Buy Online Safely In Nigeria
10 tips to buy online safely in Nigeria

The sales have begun, and with them, we compulsively launched to find the best bargains on the Internet. But also scammers know that it is the best time to cheat, so it is best to take a series of precautions to buy online safely.
We share with you 10 interesting tips to alert us and allow us to make online purchases safely. Point!

10 tips to buy online safely in Nigeria

1. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is not. 

If the bargains we love everyone, but as my grandmother would say, nobody gives peseta hard … That the search for low prices does not lead us to have a dislike because you do not get the product.

2. Check the texts that accompany the promotion .

To reach the greatest number of people, they usually use automatic translators or copy texts from various sources to elaborate the description. That is why if you see many spelling or grammar mistakes, they are a possible sign of scam.

3. Avoid clicking on links or download attachments.

If you see samples of possible scams, such as the texts or the prices that you mentioned before, avoid following the links that are proposed to you and even less download any file in your computer, because they can include viruses that take the sensitive information from the computer

4. Look at the name of the sender or the web.

 Sometimes they are just a succession of letters and numbers without sense … And what serious company would start sending your commercial offers from an email account [email protected] or an HTTP web: // gkjDNGÑjngfJN?

5. Enter your personal and payment information only on sites that are supported by an encrypted connection.

And how can you tell if they encrypt your payment information? If a green padlock appears in the address bar and the URL changes to https, it means that you are protected with a secure connection. By clicking on that lock you can get more information about the company.

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6. Watch your passwords

Let’s be honest: most of us use the same passwords for almost everything for convenience, without realizing that we endanger data like the credit card we use to buy. That’s why many payment gateway recommend us to use a password manager, which has powerful encryption tools and algorithms to prevent passwords from falling into unwanted hands.

They also make it much easier to use the different combinations in our accounts, because they remember them for you … is not it great? Also, having different keys, even if they managed to enter one of your accounts, they would not access all of them.

7. Suspect those who ask for more information than necessary .

Unfortunately there are cases of identity theft online, for those who need a lot of personal information to impersonate you. If you see that in a web they ask you for information that is not necessary to complete the purchase, such as your social security number or your online banking passwords, you suspect … And of course do not give this information!

8. Compare prices and avoid false offers.

 They also tells us that not only do you have to beware of scams, but sometimes there are frauds such as presenting offers and rebates that are not really such. For example, putting higher previous prices, a friend of mine has once bought  a drug of 70 naira for 7000 naira on jiji,  it seems that the discount is higher, or even that there is no such discount. For that it is interesting to compare prices in several stores, and thus discover the possible deceptions.

9. Review the shipping rates of the online store and verify its return policy.

You have to look at the fine print, because if you do not check how much you’re going to go to bed or the possibility or not of returning it, you can take unpleasant surprises.

10. Evaluate reviews and criticism .

The best thing to see if a company is reliable or if the products are really as described is to review the opinions of other buyers. If there are not any on the web itself, we can look at Google, but if you see that there are a lot of criticisms, it’s better not to take the risk!

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With these ten tips to buy online safely I am convinced that you can find great deals … but without you falling into regrettable scams. ?

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