17 Year Old Braxton Moral bagged Harvard Degree 11 days after graduating from High School

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17 Year Old Braxton Moral bagged Harvard Degree 11 days after graduating from High School

A 17 Year old teen by the name of Braxton Moral had reportedly bagged Harvard degree just 11 days after he graduated from high school 47.

He graduated from high school in the early pays of May 2019, it is amazing how the teenage is set to graduate 2 weeks later after completing his high school education. 

However, his new book in view will unleash his Moral is unique amazing experience and also debunk how he mamaged to finish up his online university education so fast.

During his high school days in Kansas, USA he has completed a remarkable part of his Higher Education online.

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Moral will be graduating from Harvard University in less than 14 days on 30 May. 

CNN in a report disclosed that the parent of the youngster found out earlier that their Child is specially gifted and talented and therefore got him registered at Harvard Extension School, which is an online outlet for non-traditional learning mode.

Moral in a statement said:

“My parents noticed I was bored in school and needed something to inspire growth, so they ended up finding the Extension School.” 

The young mind disclosed achieving the feat and passing all the online courses would have been close to inachievable if not for how his family and high school supported him to achieve his dream.

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