2020 NYSC Call Up Letter – How to Print

Print Call Up Letter

A detailed guide on how to check your 2020 NYSC Call Up Letter.

Guide on how to Check your NYSC Call Up Letter

Nysc Login

step 1: Visit the NYSC portal on your PC or mobile https://portal.nysc.org.ng/

step 2: Click on the login button located far right of the page.

step 3: Supply the onscreen requested details to log in

step 4: Scroll down the web page to find “Print Call Up letter” then click to print

Print Call Up Letter


Pay attention to these before the Commencement of the Orientation Exercise.

i. Individuals who have studied in Nigeria will carry to the camp: Degree / HND Certificates or Resultsheets, Personal Identity Card from University/institution of graduation.
International graduates will carry their uploaded credentials and travel documents, including international passport, for confirmation, original copies of ALL.

ii. I don’t know. International graduate students must ensure that academic paper(s) in non-English languages must be transcribed appropriately into English; both copies must be tendered at the camp for authentication.

Iii. Iii. Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, nurses, physiotherapists, and the public Environmental Health graduates are expected to come with their professional licenses or certificates of full registration as issued by their professional bodies.


Due to logistics factor, some members of the corps posted to Lagos, Anambra, Kaduna, and Rivers are likely to have their orientation camps in Osun / Ondo, Ebonyi / Imo, Jigawa and Cross-River respectively.

Therefore, all members of the body posted to the states of Lagos, Anambra, Kaduna, and Rivers were advised to print their NYSC call up letters before heading to their separate orientation camps.

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