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Ada Ameh Biography

Ada Ameh Biography
Ada Ameh Biography

Ada Ameh  is one of the Nigeria’s most revered veteran actress, she hails from Benue state, she came into Spotlight in 1996 with her wonderful role in the film ‘Domitila.

Ada was to the family of Mr Obandeh Ameh on the 15th of May in unknown year.

She has acted several films like phone swap civil war, Iraq & Iran, V boot and many others.

Ada Ameh who is still single has a 14 year old daughter she gave birth to at her early secondary school days when she was 14 years.

IF you are conversant with the Johnson’s a sitcom and one of the most watched in Nigeria on DSTV, you will see that she plays the lead role in the TV Series.

More than just acting she is also a producer, known for Philantropist acts and committed to girl child education development project.