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Adekola Tijani Biography, Age, Wife

Adekola Tijani Biography

Adekola Tijani hails from Oyo and born in 70s, he started his filming career in 1992.

Before then when he was young he has a growing interest in acting. the passion was seen him during the time he was in primary school during 1984 and 1989at Oyewole primary school, Agege, Ibadan.

He proceeded for his secondary school education in Oyo town at Anser-ru deen Grammar School, thereafter he served as a baker where he tries to make a living.

He decided to pursue his ambition of filming, so in 1992 he decided to join the theatre group of Omoba Seyi Adeoye, there he met Olaniyi Afonja, popularly known as Sanyeri. So when he concluded his secondary school education he and his new career partner Sanyeri decided to come to Lagos in 1995 in search of greener pastures.

Owing to his outstanding comical character in films, he got big in 2009 as he produced ‘Kamilu Kompo’ which turned out to be a huge success, and that singular production order him to stardom and many more doors of opportunities opened. He is happily married with Kid(s).