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Adeniyi Johnson Biography

This the information page of Adeniyi Johnson Biography and Net worth.

Adeniyi Johnson, born February 27th, 1978, is one of the most influential male actors among Yoruba Nollywood artists, much more than just filming, he is also a Motivational talker, He is into modeling, Anchoring Ceremonies (MC) and also an expert in media matters.

His first big break is in the spectacular role he wields in Africa’s most popular TV series Tinsel. Adeniyi success can as well be attributed to the fact that he is one of the many few Nigerian male actors who can handle roles in both English and Yoruba films without any itch.

Adeniyi was Legally married to Toyin Aimakhu on the 8th of July 2013, but as things didn’t work out in their marriage, both couples had to part ways.

Adeniyi Johnson established in an interview with the Nation that:

Adeniyi Johnson Biography

The little status difference between him and Toyin-who is already a celebrity and he and upcoming cause a lot of rift between them.

Secondly, after he got married to Toyin, his fans and the whole Nollywood expectation about him became so exasperating he hardly could match up, it started getting difficult for him to get new opportunities, because the whole industry even producers start running away from him, saying- how will we pay him? But eventually, he was able to clear the ground on that.

Much more interesting, Adeniyi Johnson disclosed that he had no regrets whatsoever for marrying the woman, he married, he confessed that his marriage contributed to some of his limelight achievements.