Airtel Binge Plans: 2GB for N500, 1GB for N350

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Airtel is at it again. They are in the act of pimping their old data plans, recently they let out new their data offerings, they did not make so much noise about it nor advertise it that much.

However,  some users have reported that they received the offering of the revised data plan on their phones whenever they recharge or sometimes when they check data balance.

Sometimes in late 2017, Airtel introduced the new data bundle that allows you to get 1GB for N300. In 2019, they decided to revamp the plan by adding extra 50 Naira to the price of the data, now the Airtel 1GB data plan now goes for 350 Naira under their Binge data Plans while the 2GB Binge Data plan still remains at 500 Naira.

Airtel Binge Plan

It is the Airtel Binge Plan. Just like the 2G unlimited data plans from Airtel, it is another Airtel data plans kept under the hood, the Airtel Binge data plan is designed to help you do much more within a limited period of time -24 hours.

Why use it?

Smart geeks find pleasure in using the Airtel Binge data plan to download heavy stuff, they may sometimes use it to upgrade/update their phone’s firmware, download videos online, or maybe download latest music debuts or watch movies.

Many of them have sung Airtel praises for this plan, although, some still find the data plan displeasing and questionable due to reason that it can only be valid round the clock, which forces them to finish the data within 24 hours and re-subscribe a new plan.

However, the plan is still somewhat interesting because you may end up getting up to 3GB of data for just 1050 Naira which is quite fair.

How to Get 1GB Data for 350 Naira Valid for 24 Hours

To activate: Dial *141#, Press 3 to select Binge Plan, Press 1 to activate

How to get 2GB Data for 500 Naira valid for 24 Hours

To activate: Dial *141#, Press 3 to select Binge Plan, Press 2 to activate

Airtel is currently one of the leading mobile Telecom networks in Nigeria with the most subscribers competing fiercely with the likes of MTN and Globacom and 9mobile.

Airtel is loved for better internet speed, Wider and expanding 4G coverage, Zap data lesser even on 4G, a bit transparent in charges compared to MTN, and fairly affordable data plans.

I had previously written on how to get up to 1.5GB of data on Airtel SmartTrybe Night plan for just 150 Naira, don’t hesitate to check it out.

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