Airtel Nigeria Customer Care WhatsApp Number

We had previously written on how to reach MTN customer service easily on their new MTN Customer Care Whatsapp Numbers, the company was the first to introduce their customer care service in Nigeria on the largest social messaging app WhatsApp.

Airtel Customer Care Whatsapp Number

Airtel is following suit by rolling out her own Airtel Customer care Whatsapp Number, these two Telecommunication Giants in Nigeria are the best and holds the largest market share in the Country, it is a wonderful thing that they are trying to give the best to their customers, many times users have to face hell trying to reach Airtel Customer care agents or MTN.

The usual way of reaching Airtel customer care in Nigeria before now is by calling 111 / 121, But it can be a provoking that when you call you may be on call with no call agent to answer you, A friend share an experience of how he had to wait for close to 30 minutes on call before he is finally attended.

Airtel just like MTN has seen a need to give easier and faster ways to their customers to reach them and solve whatever issues they may be having using the network, it is why they look up to the biggest social messaging app WhatsApp to offer their customer service.

In a bid to achieve this, the company has launched The Airtel Whatsapp Customer Care Service numbers made available exclusively for Airtel.

Airtel WhatsApp Customer Care Number for Nigeria


All you need do is pick up your mobile and add up to your contact list, open up your WhatsApp and start lodging you’re complain to them, please note that it is likely you are attended to right way because of other messages in the queue but be sure that you will be attended to as soon as possible.

We found this update brilliant and more satisfactory, thanks to the heated up competition in the telecommunication Space in Nigeria.  Telcos are trying to retain their subscribers and had to offer good products and services in Nigeria and try to meet up with subscribers expectation in terms of service delivery.

Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Number

If you still need to reach Airtel Nigeria due to the nature of your complaint, then you can call their line on 111 or 121. There is a trick to use so you don’t end up in the Press 1, Press 2 unending Loop, we will surely get to that after now.

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