Airtel Nigeria Data Plans 2020: subscription codes, Validity, Bundles

Airtel has 26.8% telephone market share in Nigeria, having about 46.8 million subscribers. Are you one of those subscribers on Airtel who wants to know the different data plans available on the service?

Stick on as I showcase to you Airtel data plans as well help you get to know the different subscription codes and the validity window for every data plan. I will also reveal to you how you can contact the Airtel Customer service center.

airtel nigeria data plans


The Airtel Nigeria we have today has undergone several transitions. It first came in 2001 as Econet and later changed to Zain Nigeria. It has also answered Celtel Nigeria, Vodacom and VMobile. In 2010, an Indian company called Bharti Airtel fully acquired the telecommunication company in a $10.7 billion deal. Airtel Nigeria is the second-largest telecommunication company in Nigeria, following MTN Nigeria.

Since Airtel as we know it today came in, they have been offering mouthwatering and cheap data services to their customers, with which they stay connected with the internet and grow their businesses. They provide also 2G, 3G and 4G mobile services. Airtel also offers Fixed-Line and high speed broadband through Internet Protocol Televison (IPTV), Direct to Home (DTH) and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technologies. Therefore, if you must take the opportunity Airtel offers and get the best data plans you have to read on.

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You can quickly subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly Airtel data plans by dialing simple code on your phone:

  • Dial *141#
  • Respond to the on-screen prompt by selecting 1
  • Now select which of the data plans you want by entering the figure accrued to the data plan you want.
  • Finally select the data bundle and finish.


We shall list the currently available Airtel data plans in no other of priority. Just take your time and select which best suite your budget or need.


The Airtel Smart Speedoo data plan is designed to make sure you do not lack data on your smartphone. This plan also has other units in it:

N100 for 30MB: Airtel gives you just 30MB for N100. This data can only be valid in 24 hours, after which unused data will become invalid. To activate this data plan, please dial *410#

N200 for 100MB: Under this data package, you get 100MB when you pay N200. This data however can last a maximum of 3 days, after which unused data becomes invalid. Dial *412# to activate this data plan.

N300 for 80MB: You can get 80MB which will take 7 days to expire, under this data plan. The activate code for this Airtel data plan is *417#

N500 for 750MB: With this plan, you can get data 750MB sized with just N500. This data remains valid until after 14 days from subscription date. To get along with this data plan, simply dial *418#

N1000 for 1.5GB: Airtel gives customers through this data plan 1.5GB worth of data for just N1000. The activation code for this data plan is *496#. This data plan has a validity of 1 month.

N1500 for 3GB: With the sum of N1500 you will be able to a enjoy 3GB data, valid for 30 days. The activation code for this plan is *435#

N2000 for 3.5GB: You can get a data up to 3.5GB when you pay the sum of N2000 only. This data plan will be valid until 30 days from date of subscription. The activation code for this data plan is *437#.

N2500 for 5GB: Enjoy 5GB worth data from Airtel using this data plan. It is worth N2500 and the data is valid for just 1 month after subscription date. Dial *437*1# to activate this plan.

N3500 for 7GB: This Airtel data plan provides 7GB worth of data at the cost of N3500. This data is valid for 1 month from the date of subscription. To activate this data plan, dial *438# and enjoy.

N4000 for 9GB: You will get to enjoy 9GB worth data under this Airtel data plan. Just like other plans, the validity is just 1 month. Dial *438*1# to activate this data plan.

N525 for 200MB: On the multiple choice list, you can decide to enjoy 200MB worth of data when you pay a sum of N525. This data will only be valid with 7 days of subscribing. Dial *440*17# to activate this data plan.

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Stay connected to the internet with Airtel Blackberry plan, and with just N1000, you will be able to have access to 3GB worth of data, valid for just 30 days. To activate this data plan dial *431#. Note that this plan is solely for Blackberry phone users.


MEGA 5: With Airtel Mega 5 you will be able to have 10GB for a sum of N5000. It has a validity of 30 days. To activate this plan, dial *452# and enjoy.

MEGA 8: Under this Airtel Mega data plan package, you can buy 16GB worth of data with N8000. This data plan has a validity of 30 days too; to activate, dial *460#.

MEGA 36: The Mega 36 is an Airtel data plan on which you can enjoy 50GB worth of data with N36, 000. This data plan has 5 months validity and to activate it, dial *406#.

MEGA 136: This is the highest on the Airtel Mega data plan. With N136, 000 you will purchase 200GB data. It has a validity of 12 months. To enjoy this data plan simply dial *408#.


UNLIMITED 10: With this Airtel data plan, you can enjoy unlimited data. Under this category, you will subscribe for the unlimited data plan with a sum of N10, 000. It is valid for just 30 days; fair usage begins to apply when you have used up to 40GB. Dial *462*10# to activate.

UNLIMITED 15: The Unlimited 15 data plan goes for N15, 000, and you will have unlimited access to the internet. This package also lasts for 30 days and you fair usage will start to apply when you have used up to 65GB before the expiry date. To activate this Airtel data plan use the subscription code *462*15#.

UNLIMITED 20: The Unlimited 20 data plan is unlimited access to internet plan where you have to pay N20, 000 to enjoy. Like others, it will be valid for just 30 days and fair data usage will apply when you have used up to 100GB. You can activate this package by dialing *426*20#.

NOTE: In order to make any of the above listed Airtel subscriptions or dial any of the subscription codes, do ensure you account is recharged enough as to be able to buy the data of your choice.

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How can I share data on Airtel?

Now you can simply share data with your friends when they are in need of some. You do not require rigorous registration processes. To share data on Airtel simply dial the following codes, relative to the amount of data you want to share:

  • 10MB: *141*712*11*Recipient’s Number#
  • 25MB: *141*712*9*Recipient’s Number#
  • 60MB: *141*712*4*Recipient’s Number#

You can share a maximum of 200MB with the data share service. You can also share data on Airtel by dialing *141#; select the “Share Data” option to proceed.

How can I check my Airtel data balance?

To check your Airtel data balance, you simply need to do either of the following:

  • Dial *141*11*0# or *223# to get your data balance or your data usage update respectively.
  • If you are a Blackberry user, simply SMS “STATUS” to 440, or dial *123*9# to get more information about your data balance and usage.

How can I borrow data from Airtel?

When you run out of data unexpectedly, Airtel has made a provision that you can now borrow data to complete your online sessions. To borrow data on Airtel,

  • Simply dial *500#
  • Select the number 3 option
  • Choose the amount of data you want to borrow.

How can I get free Airtel 4GB for 4G SIM?

In order to enjoy the Airtel 4GB, you are required to go upgrade your SIM from 3G to 4G. But before you can upgrade your to 4G, you must be making of a 4G enabled phone.

If you have this requirement, then you can walk into any Airtel outlet close to you to upgrade your SIM.

What is the code used to buy data from Airtel?

The code used to buy data on Airtel is *141#. On the onscreen prompt, select from the list which of the data plans you want.

Can I rollover my Airtel data?

Yes you can rollover your unused Airtel data provided you subscribe to the existing data and within the time stated.

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If you are still wondering which of these Airtel data plans to go with, I suggest you consider your need and the weight of your pocket, and I believe that with this information you will be able to make your decision quickly and wisely as well. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to put your questions through if you have any.

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