List of All African Currencies and Countries’ Official Name

On this page, we have compiled the different currencies, the official names of all African countries. The latest and official list of the various African currencies is very up to date.

Currency is the financial mechanism originating from the Latin word ‘currens‘, which acts as a legal tender. Currencies are official legal tenders adopted by countries for trading, it is essential for exchange and trading within the country.

List of All African Countries and Currencies

In a socio-economic evaluation, Currencies are made available for denizens within a nation in forms of coins and banknotes in order to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, valuation purpose and settlement of debts.

Transactions are facilitated and goods are also valued with currencies, Ghana’s official currency is Cedis while Nigeria’s official currency is the Naira. Each country on the continent of Africa has its Unique currency.

African Currencies

  • West African CFA franc is in use in 8 independent countries namely Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo, Forex Code is XOF and nickname céfa, franc.
  • Central African CFA franc is a legal tender in 6 independent countries namely Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. The Forex code is XAF, CFA means Coopération financière en Afrique centrale, in English, it means Financial Cooperation in Central Africa.
  • The most-traded African currency on the International on the International Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market is the South African Rand
  • Both CFA currencies are pegged to the euro at 1 euro = CFA 655.957 at the time of publishing this page.

Table of African countries and their Currencies

African Countries


Official Currency Name

AlgeriaAlgiersAlgerian Dinar
AngolaLuandaAngolan Kwanza
BeninPorto-NovoWest African CFA franc
BotswanaGaboronePula (BWP)
Burkina FasoOuagadougouWest African CFA franc
BurundiBujumburaBurundi Franc
CameroonYaoundeWest African CFA francs
Cape VerdePraiaCape Verdean Escudo
Central African Rep.BanguiCentral African CFA franc
ChadN’DjamenaCentral African CFA franc
ComorosMoroniComorian franc (KMF)
Congo (DRC)KinshasaCongolese Franc (CDF)
Cote d’IvoireYamoussoukroWest African CFA franc
DjiboutiDjiboutiFranc (DJF)
EgyptCairoEgyptian pound (EGP)
Equatorial GuineaMalaboCentral African CFA franc
EritreaAsmaraNakfa (ERN)
EthiopiaAddis AbabaBirr (ETB)
Gabon LibrevilleCentral African CFA franc
GambiaBanjulDalasi (GMD)
GhanaAccraGhana cedi
GuineaConakryGuinea Franc
Guinea-BissauBissauWest African CFA franc
KenyaNairobiKenyan shilling
LesothoMaseruLesotho loti
LiberiaMonroviaLiberian Dollar
LibyaTripoliLibyan Dinar
MadagascarAntananarivoMalagasy ariary
MaliBamakoWest African CFA franc
MauritiusMauritiusMauritian rupee
MoroccoRabatMoroccan Dirham
MozambiqueMaputoMozambican metical
NamibiaWindhoekNamibian dollar
NigerNiameyWest African CFA franc
RwandaKigaliRwanda Franc
Sao Tome & PrincipeSao TomeDobra
SenegalDakarCFA franc
SeychellesVictoriaSeychellois rupee (SCR)
Sierra LeoneFreetownSierra Leonean leone (SLL)
SomaliaMogadishuSomali Shilling
South AfricaPretoriaSouth African Rand (ZAR)
South SudanJubaSouth Sudanese pound (SSP)
SudanKhartoumSudanese pound (SDG)
TanzaniaDodomaTanzanian Schilling
TogoLoméCentral African CFA franc
TunisiaTunisTunisian Dinar
UgandaKampalaUganda Shilling
Western SaharaLaayouneMoroccan Dirham

(The majority of the territory of Western Sahara is currently administered by the Kingdom of Morocco.)

ZambiaLusakaZambian Kwacha (ZMK)
ZimbabweHarareZimbabwean Dollar (ZWD)

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