Meet all Linda Ikeji’s Siblings

How much do you know Linda Ikeji’s siblings? Read on the find out more interesting facts about Linda Ikeji’s siblings who are grownups.

Linda Ikeji is one of the most influential internet personalities in Africa, she is popular as a successful career blogger.

She rose to prominence through a not so valued career in Nigeria. The self-made millionaire and blogger earns her money legitly through diligence, she has managed to stay relevant in the space for many years and that has eventually paid off big time for her.

Many still find it hard to believe that she builds her empire without bribery or immorality or any illegal means as is now common with most women.


The Essence of today’s post about Linda is to tell you more about his siblings, she has elder and younger siblings, come with me to find out who they are.

Linda Ikeji Siblings- sisters

Linda Ikeji (an ex-model and social media phenomenon) has six siblings; one brother, and five sisters. They were born and grew up in a large Roman Catholic home in Nkwerre, Imo State.

  • Vera Ikeji Shilobod- Sister

Vera Ikeji Shilobod
Vera Ikeji and George Shilobod on Wedding| |  Image Source: Linda Ikeji’s Blog

Among seven children, Vera is the eldest.

We learned she got married and lives in San Antonio, Texas with George Shilobod, her spouse. Vera operates a beauty salon in Texas. This fact about their elder sister came after Linda made public photos of the salon and how they spend the time together.

  • Peks Ikeji -Brother

Peks is the only son of the family. He’s not that popular, he’s a comedian and actor as stated on his Instagram page. His luxurious life of cruising luxury cars and going on exotic tours is well flaunted all over the pages of social media.

Peks Ikeji Instagram

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Lagos how far ?

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  • Benita Ikeji- Sister

Of all the siblings, Benita is happened to be the youngest of them all. She became more popular when the news of her engagement broke to the world Laura took to social media to cheer and congratulate her younger sister Benita. The fact she found a groom much earlier than Linda her older sis led to a new surge of public interest about Linda’s private life.

Benita Ikeji’s Instagram

  • Laura Ikeji- Sister

Perhaps she is the most popular of the sisters of Linda Ikeji. Laura is recognized as a fashionista based in Lagos.

Now she’s a really famous Nigerian celebrity, Laura who is thirty years old also keeps a fashion blog called Hey! and she is Christopher Kanu’s wife. In 2017, they got married and the couple welcomed together their first child Ryan Kanu. She is the owner of Laura Ikeji gang store and her Instagram page @lauraikeji has amassed more than 1.9 million followers.

laura ikeji kanu

  • Edna Ikeji- Sister

In time past, Edna’s spouse was mistaken to be the husband of Linda Ikeji, it sparked public interest which made Edna more popular.

edna ikeji and hubby

  • Sandra Ikeji- Sister

Sandra is also active in modeling and fashion and she is the CEO of Blackdove Models, one of Nigeria’s most popular modeling agencies. Sandra celebrated her birthday in 2016 with the luxurious Porsche Carrera 911 4S presented to her by her boyfriend.


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