Apple Music Subscriber exceeds 60 Million

Apple Music Subscriber Exceeds 60 Million

Apple shuts down itunes in April 2019, The company amidst executive exit have experienced a growth in their music streaming software. Apple honcho Eddy Cue disclosed while talking to a French news website Numerama, Apple Music subscribers has now reached 60 million on the streaming service.

For a price similar to that offered by Spotify (€ 4.99 for a student subscription and up to € 14.99 for a family pack), Apple Music is following in the footsteps of the Swedish ogre who announced 100 million subscribers paid in April 2019.

“I really appreciate Music in its current state and its next release proves that the service can always be perfected,” says Eddy Cue, who mentions some features of the iOS 13 version of Music: the karaoke mode with lyrics displayed in big on the screen is one of his favorites. “And we’ve entered them for the most part,”

he says, a non-premeditated reminder of the case against Google Genius site, the second accusing the first to steal his words.

Source: Numerama

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