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Backpack Kid Net Worth 2019

Welcome to the Information page of  Backpack Kid Net Worth and Biography. We will give you hands-on information on his early career, lifestyle, inspirations and other facts.

Who is Backpack Kid?


Russell Horning, aka Backpack Kid is a dancer and self-made social media celeb. His big break came about when the 18-year-old appeared on a TV series named “Saturday Night Live”.  He has put up with his best since 2016 to keep up with his growing fans in the entertainment space.

Russell was born and bred in Lawrenceville, Georgia, but information about the youngster’s personal life is a bit under the hood, it is very much likely that the young dancer is still in high school.

He has developed an undying love for dancing since when he was young, he took that further by training himself how to be a professional dancer. Backpack Kid according to online sources attended the church camp.

Backpack Kid Instagram

Where was Backpack Kid Born?

Backpack Kid was born in  Lawrenceville, Georgia USA.

How old is Backpack Kid?

on 19th December 2001, he will be 18 years in December 2019

What is Backpack Kid Height?

Backpack Kid is around 5 feet 6 inches tall (168cm)

What is Backpack Kid net worth?

Backpack Kid Net Worth $600,000

According to reports, we Gathered online, the Estimated net worth of the Kid celebrity is  $600,000, most which he made from his popularity doing what he does best on the internet.

Full Name Russell Horning
Net Worth net worth image$600K
Income Source Dancing, Internet
Profession Dancer, Instagram Influencer
Nationality Lawrenceville, Georgia USA.
 Date Of Birth 19th December 2001, 18 years old 

Russell Horning started his career off the internet when he starts to post short Instagram videos and images on the popular social media from 2016. With his consisitence, he was getting much love and growing fan base of people who appreciate his brilliance and talent.

At a point, one of Russell’s video was accidentally seen by Rihanna who reposted it on her IG accounts with millions of loyal fans, this caused a boom in the Kid’s followers and he got an invitation from USA Today for an interview.

This resulted in a boom in hos followership and in less than 48 hours the youngster garnered 55,000 followers after all this, doors of opportunities begin to open wider, he met Katy Perry who also saw his Instagram video, and he invited him for a “Saturday Night Live” performance in the “Swish Swish” . On the show Backpack kid had a fairground to showcase his signature dance move called “The Russell”. By the end of the year 2017, Backpack Kid has got more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Backpack Kid Appearances.

Performed in the music video titled “Hip Hopper” by Black Youngsta as well as “Rolex” by Ayo & Teo.

He was seen in his own shoots where he usually collaborates with other dancers, including the likes of Benny Imprint and Mateo Bowles. Given his proven track record you will agree that his hard work and talent had paid off and his estimated net worth grown from year to year.

Is Russell Horning Married?

Backpack kid is still single