Is there Behringer Office in Nigeria?

Behringer Office in Nigeria

Behringer Office in Nigeria

Welcome to NN, We can’t of a fact say Behringer has an Office in Nigeria, however, we are aware that there are distributors and sellers in Nigeria who sells Behringer products in Nigeria in big markets like Alaba and others in Nigeria. A few of them include: You can as well shop for Behringer products online on Jumia.

Behringer is a top audio equipment manufacturer founded by Swiss engineer Uli Behringer in 1989. Behringer is located in Willich, Germany and the company is highlighted with the top 14 largest producers of musical equipment from the year 2007.

Behringer, being a  multinational group of companies, has direct marketing strategies deployed in more than 10 nations of the world with a vast and adept sales network.

The success of the company can be attributed to their commitment to manufacturing, qualitative, valuable and yet durable product.

Behringer now tends more towards studio audio processors like the smart noise reduction technology we have seen lately in some of their systems, also notable is the super compressors, systemic microphones, tight guitar amps, PA amplifiers, and loud public address systems, Studio monitors, mixing boards and tables, stompboxes, magical recording interfaces,  lighting equipment, etc. The appeal of Behringer products was the package of performance and low price.

Behringer Equipment Prices in Nigeria

Behringer Bugera BXD15 1×15″ 1,000-Watt Bass Combo Amp
Price: ₦ 160,400

Behringer – Eurolive VP2520 2000W Dual 15″ PA Speaker
Price: ₦ 224,500

Price: ₦ 27,980

Behringer Midi Keyboard Controller (MOTOR49) Drumpad Midi
Price: ₦ 92,500

Behringer HPM1000 – Studio Headphone
Price: ₦ 8,500

Behringer MS40 – Powered Studio Monitors
Price: ₦ 85,000

Behringer Truth B2031A- Active 2-Way Studio Monitors – Black
Price: ₦ 156,200

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