How to check Vodafone number and credit balance

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The best and most appropriate way to check for your Vodafone number and credit balance is by using the USSD codes. This method make it lots more easier for Vodafone users to know their own number, credit balance and more.

So if you’re a Vodafone user, for reasons known to you, you might want to check for your mobile number, current credit balance or check for some other useful information related to your Vodafone account. Hence, this article will expose you to the quickest way to do so.

How to Check Your Vodafone Number

Method #1: Dialing a USSD code
You can check for your Vodafone number by dialing a USSD code on your phone dialer. This USSD code doesn’t require you to have any dime on your account as it is a toll free service.

All you need to do is to open your phone dialer, press 1112# or *8888# and then, send. Your Vodafone number will be shown on your phone screen within some seconds.

Method #2: By using the ‘call me back’ service.

Also, you can check for your Vodafone number by sending a ‘call me back’ message to a close friend who is using Vodafone network as well. Once he received the message, you’ll just open the message and copy out your number.

Method #3: By sending a text message.

This method requires you to send a text message to any of your friend or family member that is near you. It doesn’t matter that the person should be a Vodafone subscriber; although you must have at least some money left in your balance.

Method #4: Call the customer representative

The last way or method you can adopt to check your Vodafone number is by calling the customer care representative to request for it. To reach them, kindly dial 198 or 199 or 9813098130 on your phone dialer and you’re good to go.

How to Check Your Vodafone Credit Balance

Method #1: By dialing a USSD code

The quickest and simplest way to check for your credit balance is by dialing 1992# on your phone dialer and then press send; your Vodafone account balance will be displayed on your mobile phone screen.

Method #2: Use the Vodafone app

The other alternative to check for your credit balance on your Vodafone account is by using the Vodafone app. All you have to do is to download and install the app using your Vodafone number and then open it to check for your needed information.

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