Is any Desert’s Edge Found At Nigeria’s Northernmost Borderland?

Nigeria is acclaimed to be the ‘Giant of Africa’, this is as a result of its large population and territory. Nigeria is the most heterogeneous nation on the Africa continent, it is made up of people from many ethnic groups, cultures, lifestyles, and languages.

In spite of all these, the most important feature of the country lies in its geography, landmass and natural resources.

A lot of people express the belief that Nigeria has every type of vegetation in the world. However, we are going to examine the country and check to see if there is a desert in any regional location in the country and find out where it is situated.

desert borderland nigeria

Nigeria shares its borders with the Benin Republic and Cameroon, also, the topography, climate, and the weather conditions are quite fascinating.

The land is hilly in Southern Nigeria but flat in the central part. In the South Eastern region, you will find lots of mountains and hills. But in the northern region, what you will find is mostly flat terrains and surfaces.

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Nigeria is a West African country which encompasses disparate region and inhabitants which includes deserts, plains, jungles, swamps, mountains, and valleys.

Furthermore, Nigeria is blessed with several natural resources such as gold, copper, coal, zinc, crude oil, iron ore, timber, rubber, cocoa, etc.

Also, Nigeria is home to one of the larger rivers in Africa. Most of the geographical areas in Nigeria is covered with savannas.

However, you can find lots of tropical grasslands scattered across the country, some are kept further apart by trees.

Even though Nigeria is made of separate regions, it appears that the Northern region of the country is closely associated with one of the world’s biggest deserts – The Sahara.

The Sahara Desert

Although there are no precise desert places in Nigeria, the Northern part of the country shares a close boundary with an area which is known as the Sahel. In the Arabic context, Sahel simply means “shore”.

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The Sahel is about a 5,000-kilometer stretch of the tropical Savannah, and it forms the edge of the Sahara Desert close to Nigeria which has been a menace to both the Nigerian and its people citizens.

The Sahel stretch keeps expanding and it is likely that it may consume all of the Senegal, Mauritania and Nigerian territories.

Prior to now, the Sahara desert was a place full of all kinds of animals and green vegetation. However, it began to experience some change in its environment and soon after, it became Earth’s largest hot desert.

In terms of size, the Sahara is the third-largest desert in the world just after Antarctica and the Arctic.

Residents in Adamawa, Bauchi, Gombe, and Kaduna are the major victims of the elasticity of the Sahara desert.

The poor soil and dry environment have stopped the people from planting crops to fend for themselves. Different international organizations and individuals have paid a visit to the Sahel region to combat the drought.

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Currently, the Sahara desert is extending its territory over the Northern part of Nigeria and this is becoming a challenge because that region of the country is home to millions of people.

The size of the Sahara desert is increasing and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any moment from now. The question is now that it has reached Northern Nigeria, will it spread to other regions?

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