EasyBuy Phone Loan Nigeria: Buy Mobile Phone on Credit

If you are in Lagos, there is every possibility that you have heard about EasyBuy, it is a mobile financing platform for new mobile owners to get a new mobile and paying in installments, with EasyBuy loans you can buy the top mobile brands devices in Nigeria like Samsung, iPhone, Inifinix, Huawei, Tecno Etc. if you think that is cool, read on to find out more how easy it works.

EasyBuy Phone on Credit: How it Works

With EasyBuy you are allowed to make a choice of your ideal smartphone, then you make some down commitment in little cash, then you have the remaining payment spread within months and paid by installments.

EasyBuy had had their mobile app launched, on the mobile you can be able to see the list of available devices and other details available on the platform.

However, there are agents in authorized stores who can help you with the registration process. So as an intending customer that wants mobile financing from EasyBuy, you will be offered a  POS loan so you can buy your device. So to get started, you need to walk into any of designated EasyBuy outlets and shops, there are EasyBuy operatives to walk through the process, however, here is some information you may require.

EasyBuy has two loan systems, and each of the plans, a minimum of 30% downpayment is required:

  • 3 Month EasyBuy Mobile Financing at 9% Interest
  • 6 Months EasyBuy Mobile Financing at 6% interest
  • 0.2 Daily Interest Rate

On Each of the Plans, you are required to:

  • Pay up to 30% Down payment

Easy Buy LoansRequirements & Eligibility for EasyBuy Mobile Financing Loan

  • First, you need to be employed or be an income earner
  • You need to have a valid means of Identification like  – Driver’s License, International Passport, Voter’s Card, NIMC National ID Card, all means of ID must still be valid
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • ATM Card
  • Your 30% Initial payment for the mobile of your choice

These EasyBuy Flexible plans will afford you the opportunity to get any mobile of your choice without having the full payment at hand, making it possible to achieve your dream of getting your new phone with easy financing.

EasyBuy Outlets to getting Started

To key into the EasyBuy mobile financing loan, here are some popular mobile phone outlets you can go to to meet EasyBuy.

  • Slot Computer Village
  • Spectrum, Otigba Computer Village
  • 3C HUB Zenco Plaza Computer Village
  • Iyana Ipaja, Oki Street, Lagos.

How to Payback for EasyBuy Phone Loan

You can payback for the loan via their mobile app, install the app, login and make a payment on each due installments

EasyBuy Contact Details & Customer Care

You can get more information added to what you’ve read here on this page, on their website @ www.easybuyloans.com. Other Details:

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