EasyBuy Phone Loan Nigeria: Buy Mobile Phone on Credit

EasyBuy mobile Phone Loan Nigeria

If you are in Lagos, there is every possibility that you have heard about EasyBuy, it is a mobile financing platform for new mobile owners to get a new mobile and paying in installments, with EasyBuy loans you can buy the top mobile brands devices in Nigeria like Samsung, iPhone, Inifinix, Huawei, Tecno Etc. if you think that is cool, read on to find out more how easy it works.

Easybuy: Mobile Financing in Nigeria

Easybuy, which is a subsidiary of Palmcredit, is a full-fledged mobile device finance service that provides users with the opportunity to purchase devices via loans and paying in installments monthly for either 3 or 6 months. This really brings a huge sigh of relief to users who have trouble purchasing certain devices due to their high cost and honestly, smartphones CAN be costly.

With humble beginnings dating early 2019, this platform indeed has brought smiles to users’ faces and high-quality devices to their palms to go with. Purchasing devices using Easybuy may not be conventional but it cannot be argued that it is a smart and convenient way for smartphone-purchase.

The whole process of paying for products in installments is rapidly becoming more popular daily as it is seen as the go-to option for those who may not be able to pay once, but in bits. Easybuy diligently stands by their slogan: “Buy Now Pay Later” and this has been the case as reported by their users. Summarizing the process of taking advantage of Easybuy, each user is to pay about 30% of the total cost of a particular device initially.

Then depending on his/her choice, spread the payment of the 70% left over a span of 3 or 6 months which roughly aggregates to about 0.2%-0.8% (calculations may vary slightly to the official figures)daily. There is also a little amount that is added to the monthly payments as interest for the service Easybuy has made available which I personally feel isn’t far-fetched for what users are getting. Besides, the interest rates are relatively low.

Now we have clarified how Easybuy functions, how can one participate and become a beneficiary?

EasyBuy Loan: How it Works

EasyBuy loan is a mobile device financing platform that is getting more popular in Nigeria, the platform has sold thousands of mobile devices to Nigerians on easy installment payments, which is quite interesting. If you desire to own your dream phone and short on cash then you can consider the option of mobile financing from theses credit providers EasyBuy.

They have deals for you on the top mobile phone brands so you don’t have to worry if they can cover your mobile phone of choice.

Prices for smartphones are obviously increasing when compared to what it used to be some years ago before the exotic mobiles start arriving, and we have mentioned a couple more ways to fund the purchasing on your next mobile with EasyBuy loan. And you do have flexible loan terms that you can explore based on your convenience.

With EasyBuy you are allowed to make a choice of your ideal smartphone, then you make some down commitment in little cash, then you have the remaining payment spread within months and paid by installments.

EasyBuy had had their mobile app launched, on the mobile you can be able to see the list of available devices and other details available on the platform.

However, there are agents in authorized stores who can help you with the registration process. So as an intending customer that wants mobile financing from EasyBuy, you will be offered a  POS loan so you can buy your device. So to get started, you need to walk into any of designated EasyBuy outlets and shops, there are EasyBuy operatives to walk through the process, however, here is some information you may require.

EasyBuy has two loan systems, and each of the plans, a minimum of 30% downpayment is required:

  • 3 Month EasyBuy Mobile Financing at 9% Interest
  • 6 Months EasyBuy Mobile Financing at 6% interest
  • 0.2 Daily Interest Rate

On Each of the Plans, you are required to:

  • Pay up to 30% Down payment

Requirements & Eligibility for EasyBuy Mobile Financing Loan

  • First, you need to be employed or be an income earner
  • You need to have a valid means of Identification like  – Driver’s License, International Passport, Voter’s Card, NIMC National ID Card, all means of ID must still be valid
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • ATM Card
  • Your 30% Initial payment for the mobile of your choice

EasyBuy Outlets

To key into the EasyBuy mobile financing loan, here are some popular mobile phone outlets you can go to to meet EasyBuy.

  • Slot Computer Village
  • Spectrum, Otigba Computer Village
  • 3C HUB Zenco Plaza Computer Village
  • Iyana Ipaja, Oki Street, Lagos.

EasyBuy Loan Process

These EasyBuy Flexible plans will afford you the opportunity to get any mobile of your choice without having the full payment at hand, making it possible to achieve your dream of getting your new phone with easy financing.

1. Find an EasyBuy Agent

Your mobile loan financing journey starts from finding an EasyBuy agent, these agents are usually stationed in top mobile phone outlets like the ones we have listed above, they are usually in blue branded T-shirts in the company name so they are not so difficult to identify when you see them.

2. Know how it works

They will talk you through all the requirements of your mobile loan financing and as well answer all the question you may have about your chosen mobile device

3. Choose your mobile

Once you are ok with all the terms and conditions met out by EasyBuy, the next thing is to choose your mobile phone of choice, you do not have to worry about buy costly phones as the EasyBuy platform allows you to go for any mobile of your choice with the best financing terms that works for you.

4. Sign Up for EasyBuy

Now that you have picked the mobile phone of your choice, you will need to sign up on the EasyBuy platform, you need not bother much about all the details as the EasyBuy agents will walk you through all of the processes and the information that you may require to give.

5. Make down Payment

In this point, the actual sum of the deposit and term of the loan is generally determined. You will always pay at least 30 percent of the price of the mobile or device as a deposit.

6. Choose Repayment terms

It should also be remembered that the available EasyBuy loan terms are either 3 months or 6 months.

7. EasyBuy Verification Process

You will have a total of four (4) individuals whose names are used as collateral by Easybuy. Such individuals (family, acquaintances, colleagues) have to verify that you are who you claim you are on the telephone call.

Once you pass the verification you are handed your new mobile phone and the EasyBuy app is setup on your mobile so you can track your mobile loan easily.

How to Payback for EasyBuy Phone Loan

You can payback for the loan via their mobile app, install the app, login and make a payment on each due installments

Some concerns…

The Easybuy platform is a very favorable one in my opinion. I must say that applying, and successfully qualifying for a loan with them may not be as easy as 5 steps and for good reason. It is very important they try as much as possible to filter those they give access to loans to avoid repayment issues subsequently.

There have been a few raised eyebrows on their Terms & Conditions in that it is said that user data may be shared if Easybuy decides to merge with another body (possibly Palmcredit). That aside, Easybuy has been standing strong since its inception in 2019 and has helped thousands of users “buy now, pay later”. I think it’s worth giving a try.

EasyBuy needs to work on its customer care channels so that customers can have firsthand information and have their subsequent issues attended to in good time. Our comment section is full of many dissatisfied customers who have issues with loan repayments, fault mobile devices, and other issues but they are still clueless on how to reach the customer care of EasyBuy as the available channel are not available.

EasyBuy Contact Details & Customer Care

You can get more information added to what you’ve read here on this page, on their website @ www.easybuyloans.com. Other Details:

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  1. I want to buy phone Samsung Galaxy a50 on credit latter I will pay..my number is 09050250***

  2. Use the contact information on the page to contact easy buy on how to proceed with your mobile loan.


  3. Hart Ogbolo boma

    Please I have an issue with the way you guys have taking my money after paying to the company’s account my money was still deducted

  4. Adeyale Adejoke Esther

    my phone and sim has been stolen ,how can I make payment without the sim card or can they deduct the money from my account

  5. Feyikemi Bolajoko

    Please deduct your money from my account. I’ve lost my sim and ATM card or call me on this number 07082429***

  6. Omotoso Alaba Mary

    Pls I need your help to make payment that has been due, I’ve been tried but not going, pls it’s urgent. my number is 08038057***. Thanks.

  7. Olamilekan Gafar

    How can we make the repayment during this lockdown, the application isn’t helping the matter at all, the customer care line isn’t giving better response, please I need response on time, I’m even tired of hour people calling me every time and they don’t give room for reply, please help a soul to pay the money on time…

  8. Please I made a payment but it is not reflecting on my loan status and the customer care is already calling me to pay up, pls I can’t understand.

  9. Please i have been trying to pay my outstanding dues for this month and the thing is not working. It asking me to enter my account information and after I do that, it will say this account have been bound.my last day is today.

  10. You guys shuld be considerate enough now, with pendemic virus around with the little change I think I could manage and survive you dicducted it, actually everybody is not working, but you keep me hopeless. It’s very bad.

  11. I have been trying to make my repayment on your platform but I am been told the network is bad. This has been on for the past 24hrs. What should I do? I have no desire to default in my payment. My due date is 19/4/2020.

  12. I made a request to buy a phone with easy buy, it was accepted but during the process of generating an otp with my access bank ATM I had issue getting the message on my phone. I went to the bank and the process was long, now I have spent the money to pay for it. In a nut shell how can I decline the request?

  13. I made double payment towards clearing my loan.Details below
    Amount:#5077.34 twice
    Phone no.07038894***
    Name: Makwagh Ephraim
    Pls I need my #5077.34 back to manage my covid-19 pandemic

  14. Please have been trying to Check The remaining balance am to pay now but I can’t check it.
    Please how do I check it?

  15. Please am confused cause i no fit go shop because of corona virus how am I going to do this help a sister yesterday is the deadline and i don’t understand the balance pls can you explain it to me

  16. Inform your bank about the double payment and also send copies of your double payment receipts to easybuy to get your money back.

  17. They should please call me about my payment I’ve been trying but not going through this is my number 07038977***

  18. Hi.i buy phone of #39.200.
    Infinix hot 8) since January 31.nd I paid #11.800 before Dem release the phone for me.next repaidment.is March 1) wish I paid_11.599.34
    Nd the finally is April 1.wish I paid_11.599.34.
    Now .I just received message from you guys again to paid another one again dis month, dsame amount..11.599.34…for wat Again..

    for phone of #39.200
    amouch do u wat me to paid.. amount supposed to be una balance now….

  19. Please I don’t understand the payment of last month did not reflect on my balance
    You people should do something about it cause #10:378 is not a small money

  20. I want to pay my due but I have not paidmy salary and easybuy customer are calling me everyday , how do I go about it

  21. My name is Andrew Anyanedum I bought a new phone of techno cammon 12 at your outlet at a papa sometime around February 2020 trough installment payment My registration number has been misplaced when I traveled to my hometown, but since then no money has been deducted from my account .
    This is my new number I will appreciate if u can contact me with this number so that I can start paying my loan balance thanks

  22. Ogunleye Simonpeter Olukayode

    Good day, is there another means to pay ur outstanding balance of the phone I took from you last year October?

    I’ve traveled to my village and I can’t access my
    bank account in the village, I don’t have balance credit on the account.

    It should be recalled that I told ur agent the I am working with a private establishment and since d outbreak of the covid 19 we have closed down the school which means we are not entitled to any salary now.

    If there’s another way of paying u I will send it to you through POS.

  23. Please I lost my SIM card and I want to make my payment I can get access to the easybuy app due to the verification code what can I do

  24. There is no easy buy in Nigeria at all. After the government has declared that loan repayment should be paused for a period of 2 months because of the covid19 pandemic, you people are still deducting money anyhow even from the account that is not registered with you just because you have the person’s BVN. This is so inconsiderate. And also if you don’t pay on due date, they said they will start adding 200 naira daily. Even with CBN involvement, we are still being treated like this!!!

  25. Imagine you people deducted the repayment for this month on my account and your robot number still call me have not paid you better not deduct my money twice on my account

  26. Hello i have been trying to pay my instalment payment but the app downloaded for me needed update and also I have not received any alert from my bank that the money has been deducted automatically my number is 07066711634 call me please


  28. Pls sr I have completely my payment since last here they are sending me another text I should repay my load I don’t understand again what is going on..pls I need help

  29. EasyBuy Terminate and Close my Business Deal i have Complete my Payments!!!

    Am Putting up my Heart to Check.

    I bought a Phone of 45,000 Naira for 3months payback. Last year sept. I paid the First installment of 13,500. I concluded early January, due to my travel for my relationship Burial no network to complete my transfer.

    I made another payment to Transnet through Mobile App. 13,300 and 13427 and 13,648. Which is above the Money i loaned. Am surprise for an easy buy customer to call me on 10 July, to tell me i Have outstanding of 4,000.

    EasyBuy Terminate and Close my Business Deal i have Complete my Payments!!!

    Now one Barr. Dav has been sent a treating Charts and Police Report that will be Charged for Fraud.

    Am Calling on the Easybuy Management and The Good Nigerians because i believe accessing 47 of my contact list, accessing my account without permission has gone beyond my privacy which i never signed with Easy buy.

    EasyBuy Terminate and Close my Business Deal i have Complete my Payments!!!

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