Google to run an underwater cable that will link Europe and Africa

Google Equiano Cable

The tech Giant Google has disclosed plans to launch the installation of Equiano; an underwater and intercontinental cable that will link Africa t Europe.

The fiber infrastructure, which will connect Europe and Africa in a bid to improve interconnectivity between the two regions.

This will help to facilitate the flow of data and, consequently, strengthen Internet connection. The first construction phase of Equiano will end in 2021.

Equiano will connect the two continents starting from Lisbon, Portugal, crossing the whole African continent, until arriving at Cape Town, South Africa, at the tip of the region. 

In addition, the project will have other strategic points along with the African geography, being fundamental the one that connects with the city of Lagos, the largest in Nigeria.

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This strategic point, moreover, is related to the name of the project, Equiano, which comes from the name of the Nigerian writer and abolitionist Olaudah Equiano. This little wink from Google has already become a tradition for the company, who has assigned to its three submarine cables the names of renowned historical figures.

According to the data provided by Google, Equiano will complete its first construction phase in the year 2021, date from which it will begin to partially transmit data. 

In this sense, the ambitious project will involve a large mobilization of machinery and engineering, which in this case has been entrusted to the company Alcatel Submarine Networks, with whom Google has negotiated since the end of last year.

In addition, the company has declared that Equiano will offer a capacity 20 times higher than that given by the other cable that previously connected to the region. 

According to Google, this is due to the new technology implemented in its structure, which moves the optical switch to the fiber level.

The construction of this submarine cable is fundamental since this type of infrastructure is the way through which 99% of the data traffic circulates in the world.

In this sense, currently, there are only fourteen submarine cables that guarantee telecommunications worldwide. Of those, three cables have been financed by Google, who decided to invest in the sector after other major technology, such as Facebook, had already opted for this industry.

Google’s investment in this sector allows it to have influence over one of the main telecommunication platforms today and, consequently, allows it to bring its service, without restrictions, to almost any part of the world.

What is your take on Google’s Equiano Project?

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