Essay on How I Spent My Last Holiday in Lagos?

Here is an example of a short essay on How I spent my holiday in Lagos:

I spent my second holiday in Lagos. I was living in the apartment of my parents in the metropolis. It’s a large and lovely town in Lagos.

In Lagos there are lots to see and appreciate. My friend and I have been to the ports and we’ve seen hundreds of boats and ferries.

We loved boat trips and explored some part of the Banana Island near Lagos. The Nike Art Gallery and Lekki conservation centre were also visited.

We also visited the Tarkwa Bay beach where I saw many nice things. We went shopping at Shoprite Ikeja for clothes in the shops when we went around the area. For my parents, my sisters and myself, I brought some nice stuff.

The day before my school started again, I went home. I truly enjoyed my time in Lagos.

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