Facts about Togo

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Facts about Togo

1. Togo is one of the West African nations on the Gulf Coast of Guinea, the not so big nation is bordering Ghana on the west, Burkina Faso on the North and Benin on the east.

2. People from Togo are called Togolese

3. Togo is loved for beautiful palm beaches lineups and hilltop towns. Koutammakou, occupied by the Batammariba societies, a traditional rural settlement for fortress-like clay huts. Many of these huts have been in place since the 17th century maintained and inhabited by the folks.

4. Lome is the capital city of Togo and the biggest city in the country. Lome is found on the Atlantic coastline of Guinea.  The government seat and administration offices of Togo are all established in the Township of Lome.

5. Southern Togo is regarded as a savanna and forest upland which spreads to a coastal valley with widespread creeks and swamplands. Togo has a diverse terrain, the northern part of the country is considered lightly revolving savanna slightly different to what is obtainable in the country’s midpoint where you can mostly find hills.

6. There are 84 forest reserves, 10 protected rainforests called faunas and 3 National Parks.

7. Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport, aka Lomé–Tokoin Airport, which is the International airport of the country which has reportedly served more than 3 million passengers from 2014 is also located in Lome.

8. Togo (56,785-kilometer square) is approximate twice the size of Hawaii- State of the United States which is 28,311-kilometer square.

9. The Mont Agou is the highest mountain of the nation, with 986 meters height, or 3,235 feet, above sea level.

10. Togo is made up of small lagoons, Lake Togo is being the most notable one is located in the south of Togo, on the east of the Nation’s capital city, Lomé. Lake Togo which is about 15 kilometers and 6 kilometers wide is disjointed from the ocean by An isthmus, a thin strip of land that serves as a land bridge for the coast.

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