10 Easy Transactions on First Bank Mobile Internet Banking App


As a First bank customer, you cannot overlook using the First Bank mobile internet banking app for all your transactions.

The reason is that the app gives you easy access to banking services. There are several things that you can do using the First Bank mobile internet banking app, but we will provide you with ten of them.

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In this digital era, you can enjoy banking and financial transactions without borders. The First Bank mobile app assures you of quick banking services, and you get your banking done in a few minutes.

10 Secure Transactions on First Bank Mobile Internet Banking App

Here is a list of the top ten things that you can do on the first bank mobile internet banking application.

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Check Account Balance | General overview

First of all, the app displays every information about your account. One of the things that you can do on the first bank mobile internet banking is to know every information about your bank account.

Transfer Money to First Bank Accounts

As a First Bank customer, you can use the FirstMobile App to send money to other First Bank customers. You do not need to visit the nearest First Bank branch to send money because it can be done on the bank’s mobile app.

Transfer Money to Other Nigerian Banks

Apart from transferring money to First Bank account holders, the FirstMobile app allows you to send money to other banks in Nigeria. You can send money to UBA, Diamond, Zenith, Access and other banks in Nigeria.

Buy Airtime

Also, you can buy airtime for yourself from the First Bank Mobile app. You can also use the app to buy for other people as well.

Request for Account Statement

You can get your account statement from the first bank mobile internet banking app. The Account statements allow you to track your transactions within a particular timeframe.

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Bill Payment

You can also pay your bills from the first bank mobile app. You can make payments for your SWIFT Internet subscription, electricity, and PHCN Payment.

Flight Tickets

You can use the FirstMobile app to view schedules as well as to book and pay your flight tickets without difficulties.

Pay Cable TV Subscription

Furthermore, you can renew the subscription of your DSTV, StarTimes and GOTV subscriptions. Renewing your cable TV subscriptions ensures that you will not miss your favourite shows and programs on your decoders.

Buy Data & Airtime

You can buy data to browse the internet using your First Bank mobile internet banking app. You don’t have to roam the street in search of recharge card vendors as you can buy data faster and easier with the First bank mobile application.

Additionally, the app allows you to buy data for other people as well, it will be handy for buying internet data for your family and friends.

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Card Management Service

The FirstMobile App allows you to control your account and choose the ATMs and POS channels where your card will be used.

Here are some of the things you can do on the FirstMobile App. The first bank mobile banking application was created to allow people to perform banking transactions at their convenience.

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