Google Adds Share button to Google Searches

In a new report, The tech, Google is already testing a new button to enable users to share their search results in Android. The button will be made visible on the search bar of Google Search.

This new feature at the moment it is only available for the beta version of Google Search, however, there are high hopes that the new feature will be made available for but it reaches all Android and iOS users in a future date.

However, the results may vary slightly due to the Google algorithm that adapts to each user

With this feature, users can share their searches thanks to the button that will be located right next to the search bar. When you click on it, the traditional window will appear to share with other applications or, directly, the option to copy a short link so that users can share it with whoever they like to share with.

As at the moment the option to share only will be Android users registered in the beta version, the link that is sent will open in one way or another depending on the terminal that has the receiver.

For example, in the case of the receiver you have an Android phone, the shared search results will be opened with the Google Search application. However, PC or Mac users can view the link without any problem with the browser they use by default.

Keep in mind that the search results are not the same for all users, as these depend on the interests of the user and how they use the browser. Therefore, the results may vary slightly when the recipients click on the link and see the searches made by a friend.

Google has introduced a number of feature to the search, we recently saw the notify me feature which allows you to get search results for what you searched when the network is inconsistent, as soon as the network comes up, you will be shown the details on your searches, not just that alone, you will as well be notified.

Just last week Google introduced the ads in 3D and augmented reality, and to my surprise companies like Airtel are already making 3d ads which have been made visible sometimes during the last weekend. 3D Ads will help brands and businesses to showcase their products in three-dimensional and augmented reality, this will enable users to explore the product by zooming, rotating or interacting with him from his devices.

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