10 Highest Paid football Players in Nigeria League (2020)

The game of football is one that interests many people. And football, so to say, sparks a light of enthusiasm mostly in young people.

Many things can be said about the love for the game, but the money part cannot be left out. The continually growing Nigerian Professional Football League has some players that we could say they are well paid.

5 Highest Paid football Players in Nigeria

But do you know the top 10 highest-paid players in the Nigerian Professional Football League? When you have gone through this article carefully, you will come to be graced with that knowledge.

  1. GODWIN OBAJE | Salary: N1 million per month

Godwin Obaje takes the lead as the highest-paid professional footballer in the Nigerian League. He receives a whopping sum of N1 million per month.

Currently, Godwin Obaje is the striker of Ifeanyi Ubah Football Club, where he remains one of the top scorers. His efforts to move to foreign clubs had proved abortive and thus, he decided to settle in Nigeria.

  1. GAMBO MOHAMMED | Salary: N850, 000 per month

The second on this list is Gambo Mohammed of Kano Pillars Football Club. He is a talented player who receives a sum of N850, 000 per month. Gambo Mohammed also plays for the Nigerian national team, the Super Eagles.

Although his appearance with the Super Eagles has not been consistent, we can understand that playing for both side must have contributed to such pay for him. Gambo Mohammed plays the Centre Forward for his club.

  1. NAMSO EDO | Salary: N700, 000 per month

The third highest-paid player in the Nigerian League is Namso Edo, a talented player who plays for the Akwa United Football Club.

Namso is attributed to be one of the best defenders in the Nigerian Football League today and he is also enlisted as one of the few Nigerian players that graduated from the University.

Namso Edo is paid N700, 000 per month, is a great defender and highly-rated player.

  1. IKECHUKWU EZENWA | Salary: N600, 000 per month

Ikechukwu Ezenwa happens to be the only goalkeeper that made it on the list of the highest paid players in the Nigerian League. He is however paid a sum of N600, 000 per month.

Ezenwa as he is known plays for the Ifeanyi Ubah Football Club as a goalkeeper and he has a football career that spans into years past 10. Although Ezenwa also plays with the Nigerian national team, the Super Eagles, he has spent most of his career years playing for his club.

  1. ANTHONY OKPOTU | Salary: N400, 000 per month

Anthony Okpotu is 5th on this list of the top 10 highest-paid players in the Nigerian League. This great player is known to be one of the highest goal scorers in the league, thus a top player.

He plays for the Lobi Stars Football Club as a striker and he is paid N400, 000 per month. He has been featured with the Nigerian Super Eagles and has been nominated the Striker of the Season and the Player of the Year Awards on many occasions.


You know how the heat of argument usually gets at those football viewing centers. Now you can argue with facts, having known the top 10 highest-paid players in the Nigerian Professional Football League.

Meanwhile, if you have questions, suggestions or input, kindly pen them down in the comment section. We will be glad to hear your views about this article.

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