How to Make Hand Sanitizer in Nigeria

Today I will show you how to make hand sanitizers locally according to WHO recommendations. The World Health Organization has put up recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus COVID-19, it is now important to wash hands often with use Sanitizers and antiseptics. This has caused Sanitizers to rise in price and also become very scarce in Pharmacies and shops thereby further amplifying the panic mode among the people.

How to Make Hand Sanitizer in Nigeria

But you need not worry further, I will explain how you can make sanitizers from home, you will get to know the ingredients needed, the preparation steps, and how to apply properly.

So, to prepare 1 liter of antiseptic here are the ingredients needed:

  • 833.3 ml of ethyl alcohol or 751.5 ml of isopropyl alcohol;
  • 41.7 ml hydrogen peroxide;
  • 14.5 ml glycerin;
  • Sterile distilled or boiled chilled water;
  • Glass or plastic container with screw-down stopper;
  • Wooden, plastic or metal blades for stirring;
  • Measuring containers, plastic or metal funnel, plastic vials with sealed lids.
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Method of Preparation

Alcohol, intended for the manufacture of an antiseptic, is poured into a container before the graded mark. Thereafter, hydrogen peroxide and glycerin (using measuring capacity, beaker) is added.

Then the container is topped with sterile distilled or cooled boiled water. To prevent evaporation of the antiseptic solution, the container must be immediately closed with a lid or stopper.

The solution should be stirred by easy shaking or using a spatula, and then pour into small containers that can be worn with you.

A number of instructions for making an antiseptic gave the Doctor of Medical Sciences and pediatrician Eliza song. According to her, coronaviruses can deactivate: 62-71% thrombotest ethanol alcohol; 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (bleacher). The best solution, according to song, is a hand sanitizer with alcohol content of at least 60%. She published several recipes, how it can be made.

Option number 1 from 99% isopropyl alcohol:

• 2 parts of alcohol

• 1 part of Aloe vera gel

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(For example, 2/3 cups of alcohol + 1/3 glasses of aloe vera).

Option number 2 from 91% isopropyl alcohol:

• 3 parts of alcohol

• 1 part of Aloe vera gel

(For example, 3/4 cups of alcohol and 1/4 glasses of aloe vera).

Option number 3 from 70% Isopropyl alcohol:

• 9 parts of alcohol

• 1 part of Aloe vera gel

(E.g. 90 ml of alcohol + 10 ml or 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel).


Mix the ingredients can be in a container in which the antiseptic will be.

It is possible to add any essential oil from those that have antimicrobial action: sage; Lavender Tea Tree; Mint Thyme Cinnamon Eucalyptus Oregano.

How to use antiseptic

• Wash your hands with the sanitizer for up to 20 – 30 seconds.

• During use, pour the antiseptic in the compound a handful of palm to cover the entire surface, and then rub one hand over the other. Weave your fingers, rubbing your palms. It is important that the antiseptic is distributed over the entire surface of both hands.

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• It is important not to wipe the antiseptic until your hands dry. Once your hands are dried, they are “safe.”

  • In Nigeria from 12 March and 3 April quarantined because of the spread of coronavirus in the world. It involves the closure of educational institutions, the Prohibition of mass Assemblies (sports and cultural) for more than 20 people, as well as the closure of air traffic to in and out of the country
  • The Ministry of Health of and NCDC Nigeria has explained those in the zone of greatest risk due to the outbreak of coronavirus Covid-19 are the elderly people aged 80 years or more, so it is good to prevent than seeking a cure after catching the Virus.

be ready to combat COVID-19

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