How much does a UBER driver makes weekly in Nigeria?

How much does a UBER driver makes weekly in Nigeria 2020

Uber is an international transportation network company, with its headquarters located in the united states of America. As the first of its kind in Nigeria, Uber stands out for it’s well-known unique taxi app.

Uber provides a platform where customers can connect with riders. In places where Uber is available, a person can use the Uber application to request a ride.

How much does a UBER driver makes weekly in Nigeria 2020

As soon as a driver closes by accepts the request, the application displays an estimated time of arrival for the driver heading to the customers’ pickup location.

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Earning on Uber

Earning on Uber is very much dependent on when, where, and how often the driver moves.

This article will focus on the total amount possible to earn by an uber driver on a weekly basis.

In Nigeria, Uber operates only in Lagos and Abuja respectively.

We’ll take a look at the Uber structures in Lagos first, and then that of Abuja. Of course, the earnings in this towns are slightly different because population and demand is higher in Lagos than is the case in Abuja.

According to Uber pays 2019, the yearly estimate for Uber drivers operating in Lagos area is about 3,060,720 NGN (Nigerian Naira) on average.

By estimate, the average trip for an Uber driver in Lagos yields about 981 Naira (NGN). Since drivers usually complete two full trips in one hour, this adds up to an hourly earning total of 1962 NGN.


Since an Uber driver works for about 30 hours per week, on the average, we can say the total earnings per-week is about 58,860 NGN, in the city of Lagos.

In Abuja however, the case is slightly different. As stated earlier, since the population in Abuja is lower here, traffic as well is less, so you have less people interested in uber rides.

On the average, in the city of Abuja, an uber driver makes about 700 Naira (NGN) on one trip, and since a driver can make two full trips in an hour, he can make 1400 Naira (NGN) per hour, that will give an average of 42,000 Naira (NGN) if the driver is able to work for all 30 hours available to him in one week.

On the average, we can say an uber driver in Abuja makes 42,000 in a full week.

However, take note that this estimation was made without consideration of unforeseen circumstances, for instance, in situations where the vehicle experiences a breakdown, in cases of traffic jams, bringing about delays which equals less productivity, or even in cases of accident, the rate of earning will most certainly be affected downwardly.

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