How To Register Vodafone Cash Ghana

vodafone cash ghana

Vodafone Cash was introduced as an e-wallet designed to make life easier for all Vodafone users. The e-wallet is built in such a way that all kinds of errands can be runned with just a single click.

What’s more, the Vodafone cash is actively being used in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. However, before you can enjoy its amazing features, you have to register for it.

Thus, this brings us to the question: how to register Vodafone cash. Be informed that the Vodafone Cash (Ghana) registration is totally free with a quite simple process and it doesn’t require much paperwork or documents.

Vodafone Cash Registration Requirements

Although there several ways in you can adopt to register for Vodafone Cash. You may, however, need the following documents:

• National identity card or a military ID or a passport;
• Personal information like name, address, date of birth etc.;
• Active Vodafone SIM card; and
• A smartphone.

Steps to Register for Vodafone Cash

You can use any of the following methods to enroll for the Vodafone Cash:

  1. Over the counter registration method

To register for Vodafone Cash using this method, all you have to do is to visit any Vodafone retail shop (be it an agent or customer care service) near you and request for an enrollment form.
Fill in the enrolment form as requested and make sure to ask for help where necessary. After that, return the registration form duly filled to the teller and the agent will input your information in to the Vodafone’s Cash system.

  1. Calling customer care
    To enroll into the Vodafone cash system using this method, you’ll have to open your phone dialer, dial the Vodafone customer care representative number and listen to the agent prompt instructions.
    Press the number meant for Vodafone cash registration details, follow the agent instructions religiously and supply him or her with your personal information as he asked you.

3. Self registration through text message
You can also enroll into the Vodafone e-wallet system by sending the word ‘register’ to ‘558’. Once your message is delivered, you’ll receive a prompts or message to submit your personal details via the SMS box to complete your enrolment.

4. Self-registration using the USSD
Go to your phone dialer and press this self-registration USSD code *588# then send. You’ll receive a pop-up instruction requesting you to enter all the listed documents above.

5. Online application
Visit the official Vodafone website, browse through it and you’ll see the section meant for the Vodafone cash registration. Click through the link and fill in your details as requested.


Feel free to use any of the discussed methods discussed to register for the Vodafone cash program.

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