How to activate DND on Glo

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Are you tired of receiving lots of unsolicited promotional voice call or notification from third parties on your Glo service provider network?
Then the Glo do not disturb (DND) is just what you need.

With the Glo DND service, you will be able to manage unsolicited notification and promotional voice call from third parties.

The DND was a feature enforced by the NCC (Nigeria communication commission) on all telecommunication service in Nigeria to enable customers have control over what notification they do and do not want to receive.

The Glo DND has two main features
1. The full DND
2. The partial DND

The Glo full DND allows customers to opt-out completely from every promotional or unsolicited SMS, but the partial DND allows customers to choose what notifications they want or do not want to subscribe to

How to activate DND on Glo

To activate full DND on your Glo number

Simply send “STOP” to 2442
Once activated, you will no longer receive notification regarding any promotional or unsolicited services.
The Partial DND works with a keyword command, so to subscribe to the notification that suits your taste, I will be providing the keyword command below

Send ‘1’ to ‘2442’ to subscribe to banking, financial, and insurance product
Send ‘2’ to ‘2442’ to subscribe to information on real estate
Send ‘3’ to ‘2442’ to receive information on education
Send ‘4’ to ‘2442’ to receive information on health
To receive notification on customer goods, text ‘5’ to ‘2442’
Text ‘6’ to ‘2442’ to receive updates on information
Text ‘7’ to ‘2442’ to receive updates on tourism and leisure
Send ‘8’ to ‘2442’ to receive updates on sport
Send ‘9’ to ‘2442’ to receive updates on religion
Send ‘HELP’ to ‘2442’ for the list of available and applicable keywords command.

Deactivate DND

If you think you’re missing too much notification or SMS and wish to deactivate the DND function on your mobile simply send allow to 2442.

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