How to get to Lekki from CMS

To get to Iekki from CMS is not so difficult. Here is the guide you need to follow if you are taking public transport, If you are driving check the navigation guide below to see turnings and streets, plus a google map to guide you to your destination.

Flag down a yellow bus(Danfo) from CMS Central Park or ask around from passers-by, tell them you are heading to New Market (Maroko) Bus stop. Alight/get down at Lekki phase 1 Bus stop.
Danfo Cost: N250 -300

Walk to Lekki Phase 1 Gate(Bus Park)

Flag down yellow Bus(Danfo) from Lekki Phase 1Gate (Bus Park) tell them you are going to Durosinmi Etti.  Alight/get down at Fola Osibo.
Danfo cost: N50 -100

Total Estimate:N300- 400

Your estimated time of Arrival(ETA) is 33mins. ln case of traffic you can expend more time.

This destination is far to walk, I will suggest you take a bus or Tricycle.

If you want to travel faster and wish you could fly, I bet you will need to hire a Helicopter.

If you are confused, If you should go by road or by bus you can drop your final destination in the comment section let’s see how we can assist you.

Google Map Direction CMS to Lekki

From CMS Garage to Lekki via Lekki – Epe Expy.

1 hr 24 min (29 km)
1 hr 24 min in current traffic


1. Head southeast on Marina Rd toward Joseph Harden St
2. Turn right onto Cable St
3. Continue straight
4. Merge onto Expressway1/Ring Rd/E1
5. Take the exit toward Victoria Island/Osborne Rd/Alfred Rewane Rd
6. Merge onto Osborne Rd
7. Turn left onto Bayo Kuku Rd
8. Turn right onto Gerrard Road
9. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Lekki – Ikoyi Link Bridge
10. Exit the roundabout onto Lekki – Ikoyi Link Bridge
11. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Admiralty Way
12. Exit the roundabout onto Admiralty Way
13. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Lekki – Epe Expy
14. Exit the roundabout onto Lekki – Epe Expy
15. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Lekki – Epe Expy
16. Exit the roundabout onto Lekki – Epe Expy
17. Enter the roundabout
18. Arrive at location: Lekki

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2 thoughts on “How to get to Lekki from CMS”

  1. Directions from Abijo G.R.A, Lekki to Yaba

    Take a Danfo
    From: Abijo Bus Stop
    Heading Toward: Ajah Bus stop
    Get Off at: Ajah Bus stop
    Price: ₦150 – 200

    Walk To Alesh Bus stop

    Take a Danfo
    From: Alesh Bus stop
    Heading Toward: Cms central Park
    Get Off at: Cms central Park
    Price: ₦200 – 250

    Take a Danfo
    From: Cms central Park
    Heading Toward: Yaba
    Get Off at: Yaba
    Price: ₦100 – 150

    Walk to your destination
    Total Estimate: ₦450 – 600

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