How to Get to Sango Ota from Oshodi

Guide on how to Sango Ota from Oshodi. Join a Yellow Bus( Danfo) from Oshodi lsale Bus stop or ask around from passers-by, tell them you are going to Sango Bridge. Alight/ get down at Sango toll gate.

Danfo Cost: N150 -200

Walk to your destination

Total Estimate: N150 -200

Your estimated time of Arrival(ETA) is 1hr 1mins. ln case of traffic you can expend more time.

This destination is far to walk, I will suggest you take a bus or Tricycle.

If you want to travel faster and wish you could fly from Oshodi to Sango Ota, I bet you will need to hire a Helicopter.

If you are confused, If you should go by road or by bus you can drop your final destination in the comment section let’s see how we can assist you.

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