How to Get to Shomolu from Lekki

You can get to Shomolu from Lekki with this guide. Getting to Shomolu from Lekki is very straightforward. All you need to do is to flag down yellow Bus(Danfo) From Fola Osibo or ask around from passers-by, tell them you are going to Lekki phase1 Gate (Bus park). Alight/get down at Lekki phase1 Gate (Bus park)

Danfo Cost: N50 -100

Walk To Lekki phase1 Bus stop

Flag down to Danfo from Lekki phase1 Bus stop,tell them you are going to Obalende park.Alight/ get down at Obalende park

Danfo Cost: N150

Flag down Danfo from Obalende park ,tell them you are going to Ketu Bus stop.Alight/ get down at Palmgrove Bus stop

Danfo Cost: N150 -200

Walk To Palmgrove Bariga

Total Estimate:N350 -450

Your estimated time of Arrival(ETA) is 1hr 7mins.ln case of traffic you can expend more time.

This destination is far to walk,I will suggest you to take a bus or Tricycle.

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If you want to travel faster and wish you could fly from Lekki to Shomolu, I bet you will need to hire a Helicopter.

If you are confused, If you should go by road or by bus you can drop your final destination in the comment section let’s see how we can assist you.

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