How to know your polling unit

The election comes and goes but the polling unit remains where it is. Well, one of the major problems of the electorate is locating their polling unit. Most especially, the first-timer at the voting ground.

Therefore, we shall concisely discuss how to know your polling unit from the comfort of your home. Thanks to technology, with a smartphone and internet connection, nothing is impossible.

How to know your polling unit

Informatively, the only time where you see Nigerian unleashing their humbleness is during the election season and the best place to see the poor masses having their own share of the national cake is at the polling unit.

Such are the only time and places our politicians do turn themselves into the heavenly sent Messiah. Anyways, the time is now when the electorate needs to wise up.

In a bid to make things easier for the electorates the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has made a bold step by creating a database where electorates can access to check their status.

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Thus, as an individual who wants to know his polling unit, you’ll first have to confirm if you’re a registered voter in the area you reside before you can check for your polling unit online.

However, to check for your registration state, ward, polling center, polling units and if at all you’re an eligible voter prior to going out for accreditation, you need to follow the process below.

But before then, be informed that you can check for your polling unit using two methods; either online or via a text message. We shall explain the two ways in detail below.

How to know your polling unit through the internet

  • Step 1: login to

With your smartphone and connected internet, you’re to click the above link and enter your full names as contain in your voter’s card.

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If you enter a different name or different combinations of words other than the ones in your card, you won’t be able to know your unit as the database won’t recognize the provided information.

  • Step: Follow the pop up instructions

After you must have entered your name in detailed and as contained in your voter’s card, a pop up instructions will be shown on your phone screen.

Kindly follow the pop up instruction that appears on your screen as it’ll lead you straight to where your details are on the INEC database. There, you’ll also see your polling unit.

How to know your polling unit via a text message

The other way in which you can adopt to check for your polling ward, polling unit and voting status is by sending a text message to 081-7164-6879

In the message, the following information has to accompany it:

  •  Your State,
  • Your last name, and
  • Your Voter Identification Number (VIN).
  • For example Lagos, Joy, 10865 to 081-7164-6879
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After that, a response will be sent back to you in 15 minutes after and a service fee at your local network rate will be charged.

How many polling units in Nigeria?

Reports had it that there are more than 119.973 polling units readied by INEC for the 2019 General Election nationwide.

Please take notice: the above instructions on how to know your polling unit is a direct guide from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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