How to migrate to MTN Beta talk


The MTN Beta Talk package in one of the best tariff plans in Nigeria. The awesome fact about this plan is that it gives you up to 200% recharge bonus airtime on every recharge made from N100 upwards.

With the MTN Beta Talk offer, you will get 3 times the value of your airtime recharge. Also, phone calls are charged at a call rate of 40k/sec (N24/minute) from your bonus account and main account balance respectively.

In case the airtime in your bonus account expires or gets used up, all national calls, mobile data and SMS will be charged from your main account balance.

If you are a prepaid MTN customer, you can migrate to the MTN Beta Talk plan. We will provide you with the code to migrate to this package.

MTN Beta Talk Migration Code

Migrating to the MTN Beta Talk plan is a less difficult task. The process to get things done is simple, pick up your phone and dial the code 1232*1#. Alternatively, you can text the ‘BT’ to 131 to migrate.

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Remember that your bonus airtime is valid for a period of 7 days. Also, you get a free data bonus of 10MB when you recharge your MTN line with N100 airtime.


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