How to migrate to Mtn true talk


MTN Nigeria is really doing well in its service of offering cheap calls rates to her customers. Some of her tariff plans such as Beta Talk, XtraValue, True Talk and True Talk Plus has been ensured that people in Nigeria make phone calls at the cheapest rates.

The MTN True Talk is a tariff plan which allows you to make phone calls to eleven (11) special numbers at discount rates. These numbers must not necessarily be MTN numbers, they can be numbers of other mobile networks.

The True Talk tariff plan gives you a discounted rate of 11kobo/second for making calls to these eleven numbers. Apart from this, you get to enjoy free midnight calls from 00:30 am to 04:30 am. The free midnight calls aren’t restricted to work days only, but also weekends.

Code To Migrate To MTN True Talk

For you to use to migrate to this plan and enjoy the features, your account balance must have a minimum of N100. To migrate, all you need to do is to dial *400# or send a message with the text ‘400’ to 131.

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This is all you need to do to migrate to MTN True Talk. And if you want to register a number in the special list of 11 numbers, dial 560Number#.

For instance, 5600809955648# Most importantly, you should know that it is free to register these numbers initially, but if you should change a number, you will be charged N50.

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