How to Subscribe Airtel N1000 for 3GB & 4GB


In today’s guide, I will be showing you how you can subscribe to the N1000 data plan on Airtel. As you have already known that Airtel remains one of the 4 major telecom providers in Nigeria and the India company does not only serve Nigeria, it also serves other regions in Africa.

Airtel data

Airtel has been the go Network when it comes to internet data plans, the company has one f the best internet connection in Nigeria and it is rated as one of the fastest Internet service providers in Nigeria today.

It is made purposely available for nig internet surfers who might like to access the internet, stream their music, watch videos, etc. Right on this page, precisely in the next few lines below, I want to show you how much data volume N1000 can get yours on the Airtel network.

It may interest you to know that there is no limitation or requirement for getting on board this plan as the plan is made available for all users on the network.

For just N1000 you can be subscribing to 3 GB of data from the Airtel network, the mobile data plan can be used on devices, including PC, mobile phone, smart TV and more and there is no a particular time of the day that which you can use the data plan meaning that you are allowed to use the 3GB data plan at any time of the day and it is valid for a period of one month calendar.

How to Subscribe Airtel N1000: Sub. Code

In reality, the whole process is very much easier than you may think. Here is the simple moves to subscribe Airtel 1000 data plan for Android 1000 for 3 GB.

  1. First recharge N1000 Airtel voucher or Airtime
  2. Open up your mobile and dial *141*1000#
PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD CODE
N1,0001.5GB30 Days*141*1000#

Other Airtel Plans

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD CODE
N1,2002GB30 Days*141*1200#
N1,5003GB30 Days*141*1500#
N2,0004.5GB30 Days*141*2000#
N2,5006GB30 Days*141*2500#
N3,0008GB30 Days*141*3000#
N4,00011GB30 Days*141*4000#

Airtel Daily and Weekly Plans

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD CODE
N5025MB1 Day*141*50#
N10075MB1 Day*141*100#
N200200MB3 Days*141*200#
N3001GB1 Day*141*354#
N300350MB7 Days*141*300#
N500750MB14 Days*141*500#
N5001GB7 Days*141*502#
N5002GB1 Day*141*504#
N15006GB7 Days*141*1504#

How to Subscribe Airtel N1000 for 4GB (selective offer)

This offer is only available for some Airtel customers, dial the code to check your eligibility. To check if you are eligible, dial * 141 * 241 # on an Airtel sim without airtime to make sure that your sim is entitled.

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