How to Track a Stolen Phone number in Nigeria

Tracking a Stolen phone in Nigeria is rarely practiced because many phone users don’t know how to locate their missing phones.

Several mobile phone users believe only security operatives and telecom operators can track a missing phone, but in this article, we will be giving a guide on how Nigerians can track their missing phones.

This guide to tracking a missing phone would effectively work on smartphones, first generational phones don’t have enough technology for easy tracking.

phone number lookup in nigeria


This is the simplest and most precise way to track a phone in Nigeria but the only setback is that you cannot track the phone if you haven’t earlier signed in your Google account to the smartphone before it was stolen.

If you are still on this page then you must have signed in your Google account in the device.

Using a computer or another smartphone, sign into the Google account linked to the missing Smartphone.

Now go to Google map and check on “My Timeline”, this would give you precise details of everywhere the device has been to, you can check as back as 2 years (depends on how long the account has been signed into the missing device).

This would also show you the last location of the phone, making it easier for you to pinpoint the location of the device.

Alternatively, you can use the “Google Find My Device” feature, this would send several signals to the missing phone and it will send back its live location in real-time to your device.

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You can also use this feature to ping your device, so if the device is switched on it will ring out very loud and making it easy to locate if it is close by (the device must be switched on for this to work).


This is a third-party application that comes in handy if you want to track a phone number (this method is best for first-generation phones without GPS service).

Using this Android application, you can find the location of any phone number in over 200 countries, it doesn’t require an internet connection for some countries.

It pings the phone number and use the closest cell towers to triangulate the precise position of the device and send back the data to you.

This service works under the hood, so the person holding the phone won’t notice the phone is being tracked.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

This is a premium mobile tracking application that works well in Nigeria and all over the world. This application requires good internet connection and it can also be used to call & message the phone number.

This application gives you the location of the nearest cell tower and you can use that to calculate the location of the phone.

Other cool mobile tracking websites;


Although these services give you the location of the phone, retrieving the phone might be hard because the person with the phone might constantly be on the move, and it might be hard knowing who is with the phone in the midst of a huge crowd.

How to track a Stolen phone in Nigeria

Have you been disturbed by an unknown caller and want to learn how to track a phone number in Nigeria? If yes, then keep reading as this tutorial will unravel all the available means of tracking down private numbers with ease.

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The type of anxiety, perturbs and disturbs that work same path with a private number or unknown caller has gotten to a peak in the mobile network industry that needs urgent attention.

Majority of the private or unknown numbers do come from people whom contact are not on your phone book or uninvited guest (spammers) who are trying to connect with you.

So today, I have put together for you available options on how to track a phone number in Nigeria here. These methods will assist you greatly in recognizing anonymous calls.

How to track an unknown number in Nigeria

Before delving farther into our topic of discourse, ensure you have a working smartphone (or a system) , a phone number and a connected internet. That’s all you need to have if you want to track a phone number in Nigeria. That is to say, the tips I’ll be sharing doesn’t require any coding or programming.

Just some tricks…!

Without further ado, with the help of any of the following mobile application, you stand the chance to track a phone number anywhere and anytime in Nigeria.

  1. True caller

The true caller is the most used phone number tracker app or device in Nigeria. The app is used by over 85 million people worldwide. That’s how great the app is.

More so, if you’re learning how to track a phone number in Nigeria so as not to be caught unaware during an expected call, true caller is highly recommend.

  1. Find And Trace

Also, Find and Trace is another web-based tracker you can adopt on your sojourn to track a phone number in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

With Find and Trace, you can search for anything so far it has a recognised number. You can use it to track your phone number, Bulk SMS sender, STC Code just to mention but few.

  1. Site 2 SMS

If you are not sure whether the number that’s calling you is from your work place or from the normal spammers who want to sell you things that you never wanted, Site2SMS is there to help.

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So if you are learning how to track a phone number in Nigeria because you really want to do that right now, Site2SMS has some cool and easy to use features that’ll help you Trace the unknown number.

This phone number tracker will provide your such mobile number details including the person full name, location an his/her mobile network provider name. Very cool, right?

  1. Trace Phone Number

With Trace Phone Number app, you can locate any phone number in Nigeria from the comfort zone of your living room. Get the app, enter the unknown phone number and all the needed information about the phone number will be provided.

  1. Way 2 Sms

Way2SmS is a website designed for tracking phone number only. Log in to the site, fill in the number you want to track and others will be history.

In conclusion, the above discussed is the top notch app/web based solution you can rely upon on how to track a phone number in Nigeria.

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