Huawei responds to Google; will continue to offer security updates, after-sales services on current mobiles, but does not clarify on future occurrence.

Huawei responds to Google

Huawei already have the official response to Google’s decision to stop collaborating with the company and cut off access to Android updates. This they did in a statement, Huawei defends its position once again and presents itself as a key ally in the development of the Android operating system. A system used in practically all of its mobile devices, as well as in its flagships.

Huawei comes to confirm again that Google will comply with the executive order of the Trump Administration but this time does not allude to working together with the Government of the United States, an addition that did explain when the measure was approved .

    “Huawei has contributed significantly to the development and growth of Android around the world, as a key Android partner, we have worked together with the open source platform to develop an ecosystem that has benefited both the industry and the users.” 

We are the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide and during the last few quarters it had established itself above Apple. This position reminds Huawei to explain that they have contributed significantly to the development of Android around the world.

Huawei also affects the open-source character of Android , a fact that could help the brand to continue using that operating system in spite of not having access to Google Play in its future terminals .

    “Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all Huawei and Honor smartphones, tablets and devices, both those that have already been sold and those that are still in stock around the world.” 

Regarding the updates, Huawei explains that it will maintain security updates and after-sales services, although it does not specify what will happen with Android updates like the one that at the end of the year should receive its latest models in relation to Android 10.

And it is that the opposite that Android updates, which must be approved by Google, monthly security patches are offered openly.

Huawei refers not only to existing mobiles, but also to those that are still in stock all over the world. So it is possible that some phones that will be presented soon and have already been certified, if they maintain the usual features.

    “We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, to offer the best experience to all users in the world.” 

Huawei statement disclosed that they will continue to build a software ecosystem . No matter how the situation evolves, they will refer to EMUI as up to date or to that B plan in the form of its own operating system whose existence has already been confirmed.

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