List of Museums in Nigeria

Benin City National Museum

This museum is one of Nigeria’s national museum located in the city centre on King’s Square. The museum is home to a significant number of artifacts mostly of the Benin Empire such as cast iron pieces, terracotta and bronze figures. You will also find in the Benin City museum some ancient arts some as old as time of inception.

Old Residency Museum Calabar

Old Residency Museum is located In Calabar. It is a prefabricated structure of Scandinavian red-pine wood built in 1884 on top of the consular hill during the British colonial rule.

Slave Trade Museum Calabar

Slave Trade Museum Calabar is Located in a slave-trading warehouse in Marina Beach used in the fifteenth-century for Slave trade.

The museum got its name from Slave monuments that took place in Calabar which used to be an embarkation point for many  slaves who left African shores during the transatlantic slave trade.

The Cross River State initiative established the museum in a bid to boost the tourism potential in the state, the museum is under the supervision of  NCMM -National Commission for Museums and Monuments.

The museum is made up to significant artistic objects, much more it is as well considered an ethnographic museum with permanent exhibitions sightings.

Esiẹ Museum

Esiẹ Museum is located in Southwestern  Kwara State, Nigeria in a town named Esie. The museum was established in the year 1945 making it the first museum in Nigeria. Esie museum is house to several thousand tombstone figures  and human imageries. It’s reputation is owing to the fact that it has the largest collection of soapstone images across the globe.

Gidan Makama Museum Kano


Gidan Makama Museum Kano also known Kano Museum is a museum in Kano, Nigeria. The museum has a significant collections of arts, crafts and items of historic interest related to the Kano area.
The museum is divided into 11 galleries which include the Zaure or the main entrance hall with displays of traditional materials, city walls and maps of Kano, the history of statehood, Kano in the 19th century, the Civil War, economy, industry and music.

Jos Museum

Jos Museum is a museum in Jos, Nigeria The museum was established in 1952 by Bernard Fagg and has since become an important centre of research into the prehistoric culture of Nigeria,recognized as one of the best in the country but fell into ruin.
The Pottery Hall in the museum has an exceptional collection of finely crafted pottery from all over Nigeria. The museum boasts some fine specimens of Nok terracotta heads and artifacts dating from between 500 BC to AD 200.

Kaduna Museum

Kaduna Museum is a museum in Kaduna, Nigeria. The museum was opened in 1975 fThe Kaduna Museum contains a substantial collection of archaeological, ethnolographic and crafts exhibits and has a live crafts centre in which traditional craftsmen and women can be observed making crafts.

Other notable Museums in Nigeria

Kanta Museum
National Gallery of Modern Art, Lagos
Nigerian National Museum
Oron Museum
Owo Museum
Uli Beier Museum
National Museum of Colonial History,Aba
War Museum, Umuahia
Niger-Delta Museum
CRIMMD Museum Nigerian Photo History, Idimu, Lagos
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