How to make Money on YouTube: A definitive Guide for Africans

How to make Money on YouTube

Users rate their ratings with the “like” or “dislike” signs. Interesting and informative stories make people subscribe to your channel, creating a permanent audience. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality and content of the videos, their musical accompaniment, and design.

The last preparatory stage is monetization, which is the basis for generating income on YouTube. For some countries, it is closed, so the user needs to change their place of residence in the U.S. Participation in the affiliate program of video hosting, which significantly increases the percentage of profits, you can only after a certain number of subscribers and views.

How to make previews, titles, and tags

Many YouTubers do not pay attention to tags but pay a lot of attention to the headline and previews. The title should contain a key phrase on which you want to promote the video. In the description (preview) this phrase should also be. But in addition to the phrase in the preview should be a description that will attract the user to view.

Some may notice that the cool YouTubers do not have this description, only the title or instead of the description is a promotional link. Yes, there is. But these people are progressing already due to the fact that they have a lot of subscribers.

Their videos will be rapidly gaining thousands of views, because their active audience will promote the channel. And while you’re still young and optimistic, add a preview and make it with the main key phrase.

Find Winner-driven Keywords

Now we’ll look at where to take key phrases for making headlines, previews, and tweets. After all, you need to know what phrases to advance, so that your video is searched and viewed. If your keyword phrases have a small number of views, then the video will watch a little, if it is not viral. There are two options here.

The first option is the Google AdWords keyword planner. Let’s go, enter under your Google account, which you have already registered. Click on”Finding keywords by phrase”  Next, you’ll open a page with keyword options, but you’ll need to go to keyword options, which is highlighted by the red frame on the screenshot.

And then you see the keywords and the number of their requests per month. That’s what you can use to make headlines, previews, and thumbnails

The second way is to spy on keywords from competitors. It’s as simple as that. Visit similar videos through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. And on the video page, click the right button and select “View the page code” or”Page source code.”

And in the open tab with the code, click “Ctrl’F” and type “keyword” (no quotes) in the line that appears. And you’ll see this picture with the keywords.

Now you know where to watch keywords and phrases to optimize the video. If you do everything right, you can quickly start earning on your YouTube channel. Let’s move on to another step.

How to promote your YouTube channel from scratch

According to many YouTubers, the best advertising is advertising in promoted channels. So add at least 10-15 videos and start looking for promoted channels for advertising.

Negotiate with the admins and buy advertising. You can buy a link under the video in the description, you can recommend your channel in the video, etc.

Many users who want to earn income from watching their videos should know that the YouTube affiliate program only works on popular channels. To monetize videos, the number of views must start from 1000 per day. This means that you will have to unwind your channel and attract visitors in different ways. Here are some of these ways to promote the channel on YouTube:

Use annotations. Small buttons calling to “subscribe to the channel” appear at the final viewing stage. An effective and simple method can be customized in a special section and used on all video content. Use the call in the video itself. You can add call-to-action phrases to the main text and unobtrusively invite viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Mutual advertising. Many aspiring video bloggers agree (or buy) hidden advertising from well-known and proven authors. They will offer to pay attention to your channel to your loyal users.

Invitation comments. An effective way to increase page attendance can be to leave interesting and non-banal commentary under other people’s videos. It can be a tip, a comment or a small video response.
Personal subscription invitations.

This feature is provided in YouTube. It’s limited to 40 to 50 invitations that you can send to users. Given the limited number, you need to study the audience in advance, identify potential subscribers by analyzing channels with similar themes.

Use other languages. YouTube has no boundaries, so interesting and bright videos can be watched by viewers from other countries. This is a promising sector in which the cost per click is slightly higher. You can translate your videos in different ways or add credits at the bottom.

Constantly developing the channel, you yourself will find the best options that will help to constantly increase the audience and profits.

Start monetizing the youTube channel

Now let’s move on to how to make money on YouTube. Active video bloggers have brought out several options to generate revenue through advertising on their YouTube channels. The most popular and affordable are:

Posting links to your customer’s website in the video description. The main condition is a coincidence of the subject matter of the plot and the advertised object, products or services. This can be not only a direct or referral link but also a “gratitude” to the sponsor for helping to create the clip.

Contextual advertising (a special text message that appears at the bottom of the screen when the video is shown). But to do this, you need to allow it to be displayed in your Google Adsense account, which we will mention separately.

Post small commercials before and after the main video. Clicks from such advertising are quite expensive but are paid only when viewing at least 20-30 seconds.

Placing a special banner advertisement on the channel page itself. Here, the payment can be for one go to the site or 1000 views of the video itself.

Attracting start-up capital or orders for a specific product. If you have a unique commercial offer or development, you can shoot a few promotional or informational stories. Such self-promotion will help to offer the product to potential buyers and receive the first orders with prepayment from subscribers of the channel.

Participation in a YouTube affiliate program that will significantly increase total revenue. This special program is available for many countries but requires some effort and effort from the owner of the channel. I’ll tell you more about it next.

As you can see, you can mostly earn on YouTube for views. YouTube is a unique online resource that provides a lot of opportunities for creative and enterprising people.

How to connect a partner to YouTube

You can begin to monetize the channel through partners after 300 subscribers. You can start as well or with more. To start monetizing the channel the most minimal requirements:

At least 50 subscribers;
More than 3,000 views per month;
More than 10 videos on the channel.
As well as all the rules of the Service YouTube.
The partner itself is called VSP Group before but now

With it, you will earn money on your channel. Why VSP Group and not directly from YouTube?

There are many reasons!

VSP Group has more loyal demands;
No need to wait for 1000 subscribers;
Fast and constant support;
This is a certified YouTube partner;
You have all the features of a premium YouTube account;
Online stats on your YouTube channel, including advertising revenue data;
Training, participation in webinars and training;
Copyright statement and complete protection of your copyrighted video content against plagiarism;
Channel optimization recommendations
And more.

How much will your partner pay you:

70% of your revenue is up to 500,000 commercial shows on your channel in a month;
75% of your revenue is from 500,000 to 1,000,000 commercial shows on your channel in a month;
80% of your revenue is from 1,000,000 commercial shows on your channel in a month.
Payments will come to you monthly on:

Your bank card;

To register, go to the partner’s website, apply and within 72 hours you will receive a reply. If you have fulfilled all of the above points, the answer will be positive and you can start earning on your channel.

The second way to monetize is direct advertisers!

When your channel has a large number of subscribers, you will be contacted by direct advertisers to place ads in your videos. By then, you will be a sneaky video blogger and will know the price of such advertising. This income can be half or more than half of the channel’s total income.

How to connect Google Adsense to YouTube

All bloggers and channel owners who want to get a good and stable income from their videos should have an account in Google Adsense.

This is the company’s official contextual advertising service, working on many applications and websites. It is the only system on the Internet that gives webmasters and video bloggers more than 65% of their advertising revenue.

It’s easy to sign up for Google Adsense, but there may be some challenges:

All data and coordinates are entered only in Latin letters. Especially carefully need to prescribe the numbers of cards, which will come money.

When registering in the system, you need to specify your website, which not all users have. Alternatively, you can quickly open your blog on hosting If you are a “discoverer” and have no experience, simple and understandable templates, special articles and literature are offered.

Once you’ve done this, you can immediately move on to registering with Google Adsense. You won’t be able to get full access and start managing contextual advertising until your account is verified. It can take from two days to two weeks.

There are other systems that you can use to monetize. But only this official service from Google offers optimal working conditions and security when making payments.

How much can you earn on youtube?

These questions worry many of you. If you want to turn a YouTube channel into a profitable business project, you need to look at the factors that affect your income.

Money niches

This factor should be taken into account long before you create your channel. The level of income depends on the right choice. The most popular are money niches on finance and business projects, various ways of earning, lessons of construction and repair work.

The female audience prefers master classes on embroidery or knitting, interesting video recipes or features of growing houseplants. Recent themes rarely bring real income. Relevant are:

Video gameplay of popular games
Detailed reviews of new gadgets
Various workshops
commercials with a comedy plot.

Many future video bloggers try to choose a niche in which they understand professionally. But the income depends entirely on advertising, not on the culinary skill of the author. The most expensive advertising falls on attractive financial niches, so clicks here can be several times more expensive.

If the purpose of opening your own channel is to make a profit, you need to carefully study the market requirements and the interest of potential subscribers.

The quality and content of the videos

YouTube users are becoming more demanding about the quality of videos and reviews. They choose not only an interesting story but also a bright clear picture. Therefore, in creating commercials, you should follow the “less but better” rule.

Each new video or master class must be carefully prepared:

  • Make a plan and think about a clear structure.
  • Think through and work out the text, the musical accompaniment;
  • Make sure the recording equipment is technically sound.
  • This will significantly increase the number of views on your channel.
  • Video hosting statistics and numerous user surveys suggest that the quality of clips and reviews, not the quantity, wins.

YouTube Search Optimization

The goal of any author is to increase the number of subscribers and return users to the channel. Dozens of videos with a total duration of up to 100 minutes are uploaded to YouTube in just one minute. To ensure that your videos are not lost among the new products, you should be aware of the relevance.

The video hosting search algorithm includes a choice based on keywords in the title and description of the video. Well-written tags and SEO keys will help viewers get to your channel. Compliance is also important for users: if the name and content in the video do not match, they are unlikely to become regular viewers.

Regular addition of videos

When searching for information and new stories, users pay attention to the date of adding content to the channel, preferring fresh news. It is the regular and systematic publication of videos that shows that you are actively engaged in the development of the channel and take care of your subscribers. Do not fill 10 new videos of dubious quality at the same time.

The best option would be to publish the material evenly with a frequency of 2-3 times a week, with high-quality pictures and content. Compliance with the measure helps viewers to keep up with your stories, fuels interest in the following.

Total views– This is the most understandable and obvious factor that is easy to measure. It is the number of views that helps predict the possible profit. Analysis of the videos that have generated the most interest, will help you to navigate in future publications, understand the needs of subscribers.

The number of views and the amount of your income are in direct dependence: the more views the videos have, the more expensive contextual advertising becomes to them. When you publish a high-quality and interesting video, you will be able to see how quickly the number of subscribers grows, and with it the profit.

How to monetize content

Monetizing a video means that the author will receive a certain amount of funds for his views. To do this, you need to pre-connect to google Adsense. There are many ways to make a profit on YouTube, some of which we’ve covered above. To get a good income, you need to combine different options, constantly analyze the return on video and change tactics if necessary.

Advertising quality

You won’t be able to influence the contextual ad that accompanies a youTube video if you allow it to be shown in the settings. Participation in partner programs is of great importance for monetization. This type of advertising involves the inclusion of references to a particular product or service in the very story on display. It depends on the author how beautiful and ethical it will be embodied.


Revenue levels on YouTube also depend on the season and season. Price per click can vary at the beginning and middle of the year, decreasing at the end of the period. This is due to the devastation of the budget of many advertisers, summing up the company’s results for the year.

How much can you make on YouTube?

Everyone wants to earn posting video of YouTube. The question is, how much? What are the figures? I’ll tell you about it next.

YouTube video hosting audience has more than a billion people around the world and brings the creators of the project a huge profit from advertising. If you want to try your hand at video blogging or creating unique workshops, you need to know the simple math in income distribution.

What would start earning on YouTube you need to have an idea of some numbers. For example, the cost of clicking on an advertising link costs $0.4. If the newly posted video has 10,000 followers and 10 of them clicked on the link, it’s easy to calculate the total profit of $4, half of which you take from YouTube. This means that 1,000,000 views can bring you $400 in net earnings. The video works throughout the duration of the channel and does not require additional investments.

The cost of a single click starts at $0.1 and has no limit. Most video hosting bloggers earn between $500 and $1,000 a month. Good amounts collect videos with millions of views, so you need to be careful about the content, look for bright stories.

YouTube as an additional source of income

If you have your own business project on the Internet, you can use YouTube as an effective way to get your potential customers the information you need.

Video hosting has a huge audience and a growing number of brands, large and small manufacturers are using it to find customers. The main effective ways of additional earnings can be:

Attracting traffic videos to your site. This option is suitable for promotion and popularization of online stores, travel agencies, and even creative projects.

Do not shoot a video with frank and intrusive advertising of the product. More attractive to users will be useful reviews of the product, which can help them in the choice and encourage to make a purchase. The analysis shows an increase in the bar of trust in brands that provide a lot of free and open information.

Promoting a new product or service. A great way to advertise is suitable for almost any area of activity. Creative personalities can offer excerpts of their performances, present new works, trying to intrigue admirers of talent. An interesting video or master class should unobtrusively invite viewers to buy the full version, take advantage of the novelty or attend the course of classes.

Offer goods under the partner program. This simple method does not require additional investment in goods. You can shoot interesting reviews of the new cosmetics, guesses or share your impressions of attending training. Acting as a third-party expert, you consistently raise your rating, get popularity and significant percentages of sales of advertised goods.

Create a show or entertainment channel. Humor and positivity are highly valued by users of video hosting. Wanting to declare yourself as a creative person with potential, you can create your own show. The theme of extreme sports, sports or healthy lifestyle is used.

There are many examples of a successful career after gaining popularity on YouTube. It was with the management of his channel started Russian rapper Bakhti, American star Justin Bieber or actor Darren Chris.

Tips from professionals to help newcomers

Which content is better to work with?– Using the author’s video is a long promotion, but a low percentage of the channel’s entry into the ban. It’s easy to connect to monetization through Adsense.

When working with other people’s videos, you can start the project faster at the expense of a known name, but there is always a risk of getting into the ban. In the second option, it will be impossible to make a profit with the official Adsense system.

Profitable and legal can become a news channel, videos for which can be taken from official sources allowing the placement.

The most promising niches to work with– The 2015 analysis showed an increased interest in news and humorous channels, gags, and video reviews.

Recently, the topic of sports and various complexes of exercises, master classes related to construction and repair is gaining popularity. If you want to make a high-quality and long-playing project, it is better to choose the sphere in which you have great skills and can offer users useful information.

What to do in the case of a ban or strikes?– If the ban was illegal, you can safely write to the support service, explaining the situation in detail. Many owners of channels on video hosting believe that no one considers such requests, especially in English language. YouTube works with many countries, so the answer with clarification will be necessary.

If the strikes were from a plaintiff who has no legal rights to the video, you should file a counter-notice and challenge it. If interests collide with the rightful owner of the video, the right option would be to try to negotiate with him and resolve the conflict mutually beneficial.

What are the mistakes of beginners when promoting the channel?– In most cases – irregular addition of videos, reluctance to correct flaws on time, refusal to constantly monitor and analyze their audience. For successful work, every little thing must be thought out: from design to the quality of the picture.

Can I click on my video?– This is absolutely impossible to do, otherwise, you run the risk of getting a ban of your work account in Google Adsense. This will block all accumulated revenue that will be impossible to withdraw.

Do not try to cheat the system and try to monetize other people’s content. This threatens the eternal ban. All new stories added to partner programs are tested for authorship and compliance with hosting requirements.

How to develop your channel?– In addition to high-quality videos, you need to regularly monitor all the statistics, investigate links and carefully read the comments of subscribers. This will help you navigate which sites bring new viewers to you, which stories are gaining more “likes,” and help to adjust the next steps.

And one more thing:

  • Make a schedule for the release of the video and stick to it. At least one video a week!
  • Make all the videos and the channel itself brand. You should have a memorable channel and video. Each video should have a copywriting in the form of a logo in the corner or a link.
  • Publish only the author’s videos. YouTube doesn’t like plagiarism. Moreover, you may be banned from your partner if your videos are stolen.
  • Your videos should be interesting and useful. If your videos will benefit from whether just be interesting, then the viewing counter will constantly grow.
  • Make running your channel your hobby. If your channel will be your hobby, then you will have more optimism, your videos will be more lively, etc.
  • Talk to your followers all the time. Respond to comments on your videos. It gives you more credibility.
    Use Vkontakte and other social networks. Post your videos and links to the channel on social media. This gives an even greater impetus to its development.
  • Constantly experiment! This is important advice. Try different headlines, different methods of advertising, talk about your channel ALL AND EVERYTHING, work on the channel, put your soul into it and the return will not belong in coming.
  • Next, there will be an interview with a YouTube blogger who earns on his channel. What did he do? It’s simple: I created a channel on YouTube and made money. But about everything in order.

Written by Adeniyi Badmus 

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