Meet Deliverer App to Broadcast on YouTube, Instagram Twicth Simultaneously

Deliverer App To Braodcast On Youtube, Instagram And Twitch Same Time

Welcome again to NN. Content creators before going live to stream their contents must first decide on the platform to use. But with this new app they have more choices to stream across three platforms at the same time.

The developers’ team at Appssemble have done a great job again, they came up with an application that puts gives more live streaming power to iPhone users.

How does the Deliverer app works?

Deliverer allows you to transmit live, same time, on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram or a configured server. much more, you can transmit content that appears on the screen of the smartphone, just as video game streamers do with similar tools, such as OBS, in which they edit the content that is shown during the live session. Deliverer brings the possibility of transmitting the content that appears on the iPhone screen.

How much does the Deliverer App Cost?

Deliverer is free, only requests permission to access the accounts that are used when making the retransmission. As indicated on the website of the application, the direct ones are not stored on the device or on servers, since they do not have them.

In recent years, content creators for YouTube have had problems with the platform, due to changes in the monetization policy and copyright claims.

This has caused them to increase their activity time on Twitch. For example, creators of content such as Dayoscript or Alexelcapo do their live shows first on Twitch and re-upload them “to YouTube, once they are finished.

Although this is also due to the fact that Twitch is a platform with an interface directed to the live broadcast, since it eliminates previous broadcasts to 14 days, in the case of free accounts. Coupled with this we can mention the closure of Youtube gaming, the platform dedicated to video game retransmissions that tried to rival Twitch.

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Until now, the only option to share content at the same time was to leave it programmed on platforms like Restream. Deliverer is an option for those who make mobile content and do not want to prioritize one platform over another.

It also has a live chat between all the platforms for which the retransmission takes place. That if, at the moment, there is no planned release for Android Users. What’s do you think about the Deliverer app?

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