Top 10 Most powerful passports in Africa (Passport Index 2020)

Top 10 Most powerful passports in Africa (Passport Index 2020)

According to the Henley passport index in 2020, there has been a continuous decline and the value of passport from the continent of Africa in the last two decades.

Passports are ranked in this report in order of their total visa-free score conjoined with data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The notable decline in the value of passports from Africa can be attributed to turbulence in most African nations which is also causing economic and political instability, among other internal factors.

Top 10 Most powerful passports in Africa (Passport Index 2020)

As far as Africa is concerned Seychelles still occupied the position of the most powerful passport in the continent of Africa, a position the country has occupied for three years in a row, then next on the list is Mauritius,  ranked third is South Africa.

Mauritius and Seychelles no doubt are not just the countries with the most powerful passports in Africa, they are also the most peaceful destination to visit in Africa.

What can powerful Passports do?

Nations with most powerful passports like Luxembourg and Singapore can just book a ticket to visit hundreds of countries in the world without having to first process a visa.

This is a luxury that many Africa countries don’t get to have, Africa passports are berated and less powerful, due to reasons that there are few countries you can travel to outside of the continents unannounced to the government of the visiting country.

Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in Africa 2020

Several Africans find it very difficult to leave the continent to other countries in Europe, Asia, and America, all this red-tapism is due to lack of major economic development, good governance, and turbulence in the part of the world.

Even in light of this, there are some African countries like Seychelles who get to enjoy this great travel luxury.

Seychelles is again is ranked the most powerful passport in Africa according to website and the passport is so powerful and has a high ranking and very high mobility score, Imagine been able to visit 104 countries visa-free on an Africa passport, and 33 others on visa on arrival.

Compared to the rest of the world of the most powerful passports Africa is very taken aback. Seychelles which holds the most powerful passport in Africa in 2020 is ranked 29th in the world and 1st in Africa with a total of 151 destinations visa-free.

Others topping the list are Mauritius ranked 32nd in the world with 146 Visa-free destinations, third on the list on the continent is South Africa ranked 56th in the world with 100 visa-free destinations, next is Botswana, which is 4th on the list is ranked 62nd with 84 visa-free destinations and the fifth most powerful passport in Africa goes to Namibia ranked 67th in the world with 76 visa-free destinations.

We have compiled the full list below showing the top countries of Africa topping the list

1st. Seychelles

  • Passport Power Rank: 25
  • Visa-Free: 105
  • Visa On Arrival: 35
  • Visa Required: 59

2nd. Mauritius

  • Passport Power Rank: 136
  • Visa-Free: 100
  • Visa On Arrival: 36
  • Visa Required: 62

3rd. South Africa

  • Passport Power Rank: 102
  • Visa-Free: 63
  • Visa On Arrival: 39
  • Visa Required: 96

4th. Botswana

  • Passport Power Rank: 84
  • Visa-Free: 50
  • Visa On Arrival: 34
  • Visa Required: 114

5th. Lesotho

  • Passport Power Rank: 80
  • Visa Free: 47
  • Visa On Arrival: 33
  • Visa Required: 118

6th. Eswatini (Swaziland)

  • Passport Power Rank: 79
  • Visa-Free: 46
  • Visa On Arrival: 33
  • Visa Required: 119

7th. Malawi

  • Passport Power Rank: 77
  • Visa-Free: 43
  • Visa On Arrival: 34
  • Visa Required: 121

8th. Tunisia

  • Passport Power Rank: 77
  • Visa-Free: 36
  • Visa On Arrival: 41
  • Visa Required: 121

9th. Namibia

  • Passport Power Rank: 76
  • Visa-Free: 43
  • Visa On Arrival: 33
  • Visa Required: 122

10th. Tanzania

  • Passport Power Rank: 74
  • Visa-Free: 43
  • Visa On Arrival: 31
  • Visa Required: 124

Table showing African countries and their Global, Africa Ranking and Number of Countries Accessible

African CountriesAfrica RankingGlobal RankingNo. of Countries Accessible
South Africa356100
Cape Verde Island147766
Sierra Leone178063
Sao Tome & Principe208261

Worst Passports in Africa 2020

Worst performers for Africa are the Democratic Republic of Congo taking the 98th position in the world), Eritrea also at 98th, Sudan at 100th, Libya ranked 102nd and Somalia ranked at 104th position.

Most Powerful Passports in the World 2020

For the third year back-to-back, the world’s strongest passport providing visa-free access to 191 countries is the Japanese passport globally. The Singaporean and German passports are next on the list of the most powerful passports in the world for years 2020 according to the In the previous ranking, the South Korean passport which came 2nd in 2019, is now 4th.

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