MTN Night Data Plans Codes 2020 with MTN Pulse


MTN is undoubtedly one of the best networks to use in Nigeria. The bandwidth of their Network is sufficient enough for their customers to surf the internet anywhere and anytime. With each form of individual, MTN provides various plans that are better tailored for them. MTN Nigeria has a competitive internet service with respect to speed, price and volume of data.

Out of the care for their subscribers, they have carved out very cheap and affordable data plans. These data plans range from daily to weekly and even monthly. Among these data plans, we have the MTN night data plan.

The MTN night data plan is also known as the MTN Pulse free night browsing. This is because this offer is only available on MTN Pulse. This offer gives you 250mb for as low as 25 naira which could online be done twice. Therefore, you can browse and surf the internet with 500mb for as low as 50 naira.

It’s called night browsing. This is because the data plan runs between 12 am to 5am on any day even on public holidays. So, in six hours you have up to 500mb to use to surf the internet. Isn’t that amazing?

How to subscribe to MTN night data plan?

Before anything, you will remember that the MTN night data plan is also called the MTN Pulse free night browsing plan. This is because the offer is exclusively available to MTN Pulse subscribers. Hence, before you can enjoy this data plan, you have to be on MTN Pulse.

Steps to Migrating to MTN Pulse

  • Dial *406#
  • Press 1

Note: You must have a balance of 100 if you have recently migrated in the space of one month.

Now that you are on MTN Pulse, you can now have access to the MTN Pulse free night browsing data plan.

Steps to follow;

  1. Text “night” to “131”
  2. You will receive a message confirming the purchase.


Dial *406#

  1. Press 4
  2. Select if you want 250mb for 25 naira or 500mb for 50 naira.
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. You will receive a message confirming the purchase.

Other MTN Night plans

  • 1GB FOR N200,
  • 2.5GB FOR N500
  • 5GB FOR N1000

For the night plan, dial * 198 #, then press 8 to enable MTN 1 gb, 2.5 gb and 5 gb. The list of MTN ‘s night plan will show up on your mobile screen. Only refresh and sign up to start enjoying the amazing offer.

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