MTN Night Plans in 2020 & Subscription Codes

MTN Night Plans 2020

The MTN Night Plan is one of the best packages you can get from MTN Nigeria. It is not only cheap but the speed is incredibly fast and stable for doing anything on the internet.

MTN Night Plans 2020

Some years back, MTN allowed her customers to get 500MB for just ₦25. A lot of people (including myself) leveraged on it to download lots of videos on YouTube. However, a lot of changed since then. This article provides you with everything that you should know about the MTN Night Plan.

Most people are yet to know about the night plans offered by MTN. Sadly, instead of using the MTN night plan, some people still purchase data worth thousands of naira to download movies & music, upload pictures and videos on social media, stream videos and do lots more. Still, they complain of how fast their data gets exhausted.

Sub. Code To Subscribe For MTN Night Plans

The fact is that the MTN night browsing plan was made for heavy internet users. If you can’t spend a week without downloading a movie, game or music album, you should consider using the plan.

First of all, to subscribe to the night plan, you have to be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. If you are yet to migrate to MTN Pulse, dial *406# on your smartphone or send a 406 to 131. Note that ₦50 will be deducted you’re your account balance to subscribe to this plan.

MTN offers two-night plans namely:

  • 250MB Night Plan.
  • 500MB Night Plan.

The 250MB data plan costs ₦25. To get this plan, simply text NT1 to 131. Immediately, you will receive a confirmation message from MTN giving you 250MB to browse the internet.

The 500MB data plan costs ₦50. To get this plan, simply text NT2 to 131. Immediately, you will be sent a SMS from MTN confirming that you have been given 500MB to browse the internet.

Most importantly, you should note that both night plans are valid between the hours of 12 am to 5 am. In other words, be informed that you cannot use the data on day hours, only during the hours of 12AM – 5AM (midnight).

In addition, the highest data volume you can get for a day is 500MB, you cannot get above 500MB on a SIM. If you want to know how much data you have left, simply dial 55996#. After dialling this code, you will receive a message containing your data balance.

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