NDA Students’ Salary Structure and Ranks (2020)


The Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA is one of the Nigerian Military Universities. The school is located in Afaka, in Kaduna State.

NDA trains army cadets for a period of 5 years while naval and air force cadets are trained for 4 years in NDA while they complete the remaining 1 year at their respective training colleges.

In this post, we shall highlight how the NDA cadets and ranked and the salary structure of these NDA students.

NDA Students Salary Structure and Ranks (2020)


Well, the truth remains that the cadets or students of the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA are not categorized in ranks but rather level. Their academic level determines their assumed rank and probably their monthly stipends.

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The courses and training offered in NDA are generally referred to as Regular Combatant Course. These academic courses and military training are fashioned to arm the officer with every knowledge and skills necessary to be a world-class soldier.


The cadets of the Nigerian Defence Academy receive monthly stipends of about N50,000. This money is to serve as their maintenance allowance and to cover other needs of theirs.

Some years ago, N14, 000 was deducted this monthly stipends of the NDA cadets. At the end of their five years training, the accumulation of this amount will be paid them to start out life. Presently, we are not sure whether that practice is still in vogue.


The NDA cadets graduate after their five years of training in academics and military practices, as commissioned officers.

These NDA fresh graduates begin to receive a monthly pay of N120,000 to N150,000 (their allowances are not included).

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Here is a table of the ranks and salary of army officers after graduation:

  1. Second Lieutenant (N120,000)
  2. First Lieutenant (N180,000)
  3. Captain (N220,000)
  4. Major (N300,000)
  5. Colonel (350,000)
  6. Colonel (N550,000)
  7. Brigadier General (N750,000)
  8. Major General (N950,000)
  9. General (N1 million)
  10. General (N1.5 million)

The Air Force and Navy officers of the Nigerian military receive salary a bit higher than that of their army counterparts. But generally, NDA cadets graduate into the second rank of the commission officers’ cadre of the Nigerian Armed Forces.


What is the age limit of anyone applying for NDA?

The allowed age for applicants of the Nigerian Defence Academy ranges between 17 to 21 years. If you are older than 21 years, or younger than 17 years, then you are not eligible to apply.

Does NDA Cadets go to war?

No. The cadets of the Nigerian Defence Academy do not go to war while they are still cadets. But in cases of highly demanding emergency, the senior cadets may be allowed to the war front.

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What rank will you get after graduation from the Nigerian Defence Academy?

When you graduate from NDA, you will be automatically promoted to the second rank in the commissioned officers’ cadre: Second Lieutenant for the army, Pilot Officer for the Air Force and Sub-Lieutenant in the Navy.

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