Nike Art Gallery Guide 2020: Art works, History, visitation cost, Facts

Nike Art Gallery Guide, Art works, History, visitation, Facts

Nike Art Gallery is the leading art gallery in Nigeria. The would always make the list of best places to visit in Lagos, Nigeria.

Chief Nike Davies Okundaye owns this renowned art gallery. The Nike Art Gallery is located at 2 Elegushi Beach Road, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

History of Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is owned by Chief (Mrs.) Oyenike Monica Okundaye popularly known as “Nike”. This Art Gallery was officially opened in 2009, the center started with 20 girls who were aimlessly lurking the streets of Osogbo before they were rehabilitated by Mrs. Nike.

Nike’s innovative clothing design and painting style have been recognized internationally and earned her much wealth and fame.

She was able to motivate many rural women in economic and social ways by setting up cottage weaving workshops/women’s centers in Ogidi-Ijumu, Abuja, and Osogbo.

More than 3000 young Nigerians have so far been trained in the center and are making a living from the art. Several countries in Africa are now sending their students to the center to study textile art.

Nike Art Gallery Visiting Guide

The art gallery is located on Lagos Island. If you are entering Lagos by Air you will find taxis waiting at the airport that can directly take you to the Nike Art Gallery.

For those going by Bus, you can look for the bus heading toward Obalende, when you get to Obalende you are to take another bus heading for Lekki, alight at the 3rd roundabout. The art gallery can be easily spotted at no.2 Elegushi road.

Best Time to Visit Nike Art Gallery

If you are really passionate about art or would love to see these arts with little or o crowd, then you shouldn’t visit the art gallery during the holiday period as there is an influx of tourists by that time.

It rains almost everyday in Lagos from early April to July, the best time to visit the Nike Art Gallery is from July to September.

You should also come in the early hours of the day to enjoy the Natural lighting and quietness, people tend to rally in the gallery between 1 pm to 3 pm.

Nike Art Gallery Payment Fees For Tourists

Like how much does it cost to visit Nike art galleryEntrance to the art gallery is free. However, if you plan on lodging in the guest house and/or hire a tour guide you would have to pay and fees depend on your duration.

For more information on hotel reservations and booking a tour guide, you are advised to visit the Nike Art Gallery website.

Things To Do In The Nike Art Gallery

  • You should explore the variety of art crafts and collections like moulded statues, drawings, hand-woven materials, paintings, and lots more. Crafts like Batik, Adire, Metalwork, Carving, Beadwork, Weaving, Painting, embroidery and drumming are some of the must-see artworks.
  • Tourists can also learn about the rich Nigerian history through the various paintings and crafts available in the art gallery.
  • You can take awesome colourful photos and videos in the art gallery but taking direct photos or videos of the arts are prohibited. At least a human is required to be in all photos taken in the gallery, offenders will be approached by security guards.
  • Want to have a taste of some great African dishes, the art gallery has a restaurant with a variety of tasty Nigerian and African food to choose from.

Fun Facts about Nike Art Gallery

  • Occasionally, cultural dance troops are brought into the gallery to entertain the tourists.
  • If you are lucky enough, you can get a tour guide from Chief (Mrs.) Oyenike Monica Okundaye or a welcome speech from her.
  • Tourists are allowed to try our their arts and crafts skills in the gallery, you can try to create your own art with the materials available.
  • You might get the chance to meet both local and foreign celebrities who occasionally visit the art gallery.

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