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Okiki Afolayan Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Daughter, Movies

Welcome to Eweb, today we present you the Biography of one of Nollywood seasoned movie directors, Okiki Afolayan.

Here is a comprehensive and detailed biography of Okiki Afoloyan, his, age, career, wife and much more information about him are all collected in details in this profile fact sheet.

If you are a Nollywood movie fan, this famous director will not be strange to you. Though in most cases directors are usually not as popular as actors and actresses in movies but spectacular directors that makes brilliant movies cannot go unnoticed in the industry.

A brief Biography & wiki of Okiki Afolayan

His full name being Lawrence Okiki Afolayan, he hailed from Kwara State, Nigeria. He was bred and schooled in Lagos where he studied for his primary and secondary school education.

He is one of Nigeria’s seasoned, talented and brilliant nolloywood movie directors that especially directs Yoruba movies. Much more he is also into screen writing and movie production.

This prolific movie director has reportedly shot more than 150 movies popular among Nigerian movie lovers and has bagged the award of the best Director of the year for his unmatched contributions to movie production in the industry.

He kick started his career in the year 1999 when he submitted under the mentorship of Mr. Olumide Adebayo to gain handful experience that will help him start his movie directing career.

He started gaining traction and lots of recognition in the industry after he launched his first work titles Mr. cola, a movie that earned him a lot of applauds and recognition.

Okiki Afolayan decided to take the bull by the horn to widen his career horizon, however he wasn’t in a hurry to produce several movies but moved steadily and take his time to release steadily like other professional directors, this has earned him to be the most active Yoruba movie director in Nollywood.


Okiki Afolayan’s Wife

You will agree with that Okiki Afolayan biography will be outrightly incomplete without talking about the love of his life- his wife. In the same industry met this two couples. Her name is Abimbola Ogunowo, a sharp and beautiful woman who has been nurturing strong feelings for him due to how he impress with his deliveries.

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Just like any other sharp guy, Okiki was able to quickly key into the affection bestowed on him by this beautiful and talented actress and quickly work things out his way.

They first had a straightforward relationship that’s strictly business but with time the fire of love in between them was ignited and they start to date.

As destinies have it, they were joined together in marriage on 3rd of October 2018 in a glamorous and humorous wedding celebration.

Okiki Afolayan House

In march 2019, the hardworking director take to the pages of the social media to show off his newly built mansion in Lagos.

Okiki Afolayan awards

Hardworking goes hand in hand with recognition, okiki is worth a handful or recognition, the way he followed on his passion and dream is challenging to anybody hoping to go into this industry in the same role. His dedication his worthwhile!

Okiki Afolayan Child

Well there have been rumours about Okiki wife having a secret love child Haliyah. Okiki has publicly debunked that he is well aware of the 5 year old and that it’s a matter that doesn’t matter when it comes to the issue of him and his love.

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The are no stories about Okiki Afolayan’s son or daughter yet as the couple her yet to have any.