Top 10 Online Pharmacies in Nigeria

A growing majority of Nigerians are finding it more convenient ordering for prescription drugs and other related items online from an online pharmacy; this can be attributed to the growth in mobile penetration and the rising trend of shopping online in the country.

Top 10 Online Pharmacies in Nigeria

As you may have already noticed, several online eCommerce shops like Jumia and Konga have been selling some pharmaceutical products and health equipment online, both of these top stores have sections of the website dedicated to drug and health products category.

In the light of this, quite a number of other online pharmacy store have sprung in the past years, making access to good health service convenient for the masses, which means anyone from the comfort of their bed can order for drugs and other related items online and have it delivered to them without moving an inch.

10 Best Online Pharmacies in Nigeria

Online pharmacy can be a convenient, fast, secure and discreet platform to purchase over-the-counter and prescription drugs. But understanding that you are purchasing from a legal company can be difficult.

which is why in the next few lines below we have collected the list of the top 10 online pharmacies in Nigeria where you can order medications and prescriptions in Nigeria from the comfort of your mobile phone.

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1. Drugstore.ng

Drugstore.ng is an online pharmacy in Lagos that allows users to order both prescription and over-the-counter medications online.

Drugstore Nigeria is the fastest-growing online pharmacy store in Nigeria where you may purchase medication. Buy medicines, prescription and hospital supplies from Nigeria’s licensed pharmacy and have them shipped to you.

Drugstore Nigeria makes accessibility to medications more convenient and efficient.

2. My-Medicines Online Pharmacy

My-medicines.com was built to offer reliable access to medicines for customers sourced from trustworthy registered suppliers and safety on the basis of an organized quality assurance method.

3. M-Medix | Malbo Pharmacy

M-medix is an Abuja- based online pharmacy store owned by Malbo Pharmacy Nigeria,  the pharmacy seeks to bring its customers the luxury of Online Pharmacy Services (OPS).

They provide free shipping nationwide when you order products worth more than 20,000 naira on their website.

4. Asset Pharmacy

Asset pharmacy is a Lagos-based online pharmaceutical outlet offering sales of drugs and treatments, they are on a mission to surpass all of the available online drug stores by exceeding customers’ expectations.

They offer an immense range of food, cosmetics, dental care, physical well-being products, medications, etc. Much more than just being an online pharmacy, they also have a wide and broad variety of stock.

5. Healthplus.com.ng

HealthPlus Limited is Nigeria’s first integrated pharmaceutical company. The company prides itself as being the fastest-growing pharmacy chain outlet in West Africa, they are on a mission to help people achieve Adequate Health and Vitality

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Healthplus is a household name in Nigeria when it comes to drug retailing, the foremost pharmacy store has the largest chain of drug outlets in the country.

The store through its online shopping platform is offering more than then thousand products from shipped from their three main Lagos outlets namely, Victoria Island, Lekki, and Lekki Extension.

6. Konga.com Pharmacy

You will get all the wellness products from Konga’s pharmacy online at the lowest price in Nigeria. Konga is one of the two biggest eCommerce stores in Nigeria that sells from clothing, to electronics and now pharmaceutical and health products, you can go right ahead to see their catalog of more than 27000 health products.

7. Nigeria Pharmacy

Nigeria Pharmacy is another online pharmacy service that provides sales of medication and consultations via its online platform. This pharmacy was founded to offer a secure and affordable supply of medicines and other health care items.

Their stock includes medical-related books, food items, grocery health supplements, reproductive products, toiletries, infant items, etc.

8.Alpha Pharmacy

The online drug store specializes in prescription medicines and other related items such as nutritional supplements, eye care equipment, medications, food and weight loss products, first aid kits and supplies, exercise equipment, hair, and skincare products and more.

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Alpha Pharmacy offers bulk and retail stores for prescription products. Their outlets is spread across the country in places like Port Harcourt, Enugu, Lagos, Abuja, etc.

9. Pharm.com.ng

Pharm.com.ng is a leading online pharmacy store in Nigeria. Their utmost goal is to make sure that their customers and their families have convenient access to drugs and other health services, as necessary, without any barrier of location.

The company has a team of healthcare professionals with decades of experience in the health sector both locally and internationally.

10. Nett Pharmacy

Nett Pharmacy is a fast-growing offline drug store but also takes orders through their online outlet, the company is duly registered in Nigeria and is also a member of Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria. Nett Pharmacy offers the sales and distribution of all types of pharmaceutical products and equipment.

We hope you find our list of “top online pharmacies in Nigeria” very useful? If you have any concerns or request you are welcome to use the comment section below.

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