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Best Pocket Wifi devices and Price in Nigeria

Welcome to NN. In this guide, I will show you which are the best Pocket WiFis, prices in Nigeria and Quick specifications and features to help you decide on the ideal device for you.

A portable Wi-Fi router (also called “Mi-Fi” or “mobile hotspot”) is a pocket-friendly wifi device that uses mobile phone networks to create on-the-go Wi-Fi network for users anywhere they are. These pocket Wifi devices allow you to connect more than one devices at a time, unlike the Modem.

MiFi and WiFi devices (MiFi) brings to play seamless broadband internet experience, up to 5 or 110 users can share 4G or 3G broadband connection at once so far they are in the same proximity the wifi is Located.

The very first considerations that should be made when choosing which Pocket Wi-fi to buy must relate precisely to the type of networks that the router can exploit and with which telephone operators it is compatible.

Today, mobile service operators in Nigeria use different technologies, which differ from one another in terms of coverage and navigation speed. The technologies obtainable are 3G and 4G.

The four major Service providers in Nigeria namely Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, and MTN have their own branded Pocket wifi for their clients. Notwithstanding, you can still find universal or OEM pocket wifi that will do the job well as much as the branded ones from your network provider.

One big reason why should the give the OEM Pocket wifi a consideration ahead of the branded ones is because of the network coverage.

You need to consider precisely between performance and coverage: given that you can still use a 3G SIM in a 4G or portable Wi-Fi route 4G + SIM you can take advantage of the higher browsing speeds enjoyable from 4G LTE Network.

Only in those areas covered by this technology (and navigate more slowly in areas not covered). This is the current situation regarding the coverage of the territory for the 4G networks of the four main Nigerian operators.

Best Pocket Wifi devices and Price in Nigeria


mtn wifi device


priced N15,000
20% data bonus on all renewals for 3 months
Free SIM
Devices: Up to 10 Devices can connect to the MTN Wi-fi device

Battery: Up to 8hrs on full charge


Glo MiFi

portable wife price in Nigeria Glo mifi

Glo 4G MiFi

Price: N22,000.

Free 16GB data

Number of Devices: 15 devices including, tablets, phones and laptops can connect to the Glo Mifi device

Battery: Upto 7.5 hours on full Charge


9Mobile MiFi

9mobile wifi devices

9Mobile MiFi (ZTE MF 910 LTE MiFi)

Price: N18,800

Free 10 GB Data Valid for 30 days

Number of Devices: 10 WiFi devices at a time

Battery: Up to 9 hours on full Charge.


Spectranet MiFi Freedom MiFi and Pebble Mifi

portable wife price in Nigeria spectranet mifi

Price: N 16,000

Fre 15Gb Data

Number of Devices: Up to 15 devices.

Battery: Up to 8hrs on Full charge.


Ntel WiFi Devices

ntel wifi devices

Ntel provides router, MiFi and mobile phones for seamless internet experience.

Price: N23,000 with 1-month unlimited data or buy only the device without data for N18,000.

Number of devices: Up to Devices can connect to the device

Battery: Up to 7 hours on a full charge.

Swift WiFi Devices

swift dual modem

Swift has 2 Portable Mifi devices:  The Nomad and Swift Runner

The Nomad which connects up to 10 WiFi devices,  for N18000 a the Swift Runner designed in form of a USB stick but can connect up to 5 devices.

Free Data: No

Battery: Up to 9 hrs on full charge

Smile WiFi Devices

smile wifi devices

Smile offers two WiFi devices:


Price: N12’900

Free Data:10GB data at purchase and + 100% bonus data

Number of Devices: Can connect up to 10 Devices Simultaneously

Bonus data for both devices consists of 50% Anytime and 50% MidNite data.

OEM Universal WiFi Devices 

portable wife price in Nigeria

OEM Universal WiFi Device can be used with any network provider, so if you are looking for a device as such then the ZTE MF910 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot  4G Pocket WiFi Router from ZTE might just be all you need.

number of Devices: up to 10

Battery: Up to 8 hours on full charge


We hope this helps. Be sure to use the comment section to let us in on your opinions and choices.