How to Prepare Roasted Plantain (Boli) in Grill/Oven or frying pan

when you are talking of one of the most popular street food in Nigeria that is not limited to any tribe and has no cultural restriction, it is roasted plantain, the Yorubas calls it Boli.

One of the most interesting things about this street food is, you can always get a serving anytime you want without stressing yourself so much, this is because it is made available on every street by roadside sellers in major cities, it is popularly eaten with peanut/groundnut and some prefer their servings with pepper usually when served at home.

How to Prepare Roasted Plantain: At home with Frying Pan

If you want to have roasted plantain at home and you don’t have the wire gauze or oven to make your boli, here is a brilliant cooking hack for you, all you need do is, get the simple ingredients below and follow the next steps to make your boli.

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Roasted Plantain Recipes

Fairly ripe or unripe plantain
Salt (optional)
Palm oil

roasted platain with frying pan
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Preparation Steps

  • Peel off the back of the plantain
  • Cut through with your kitchen knife
  • Rub on some red oil and salt on the outer surface of the plantain.
  • Wrap it up with foil and arrange in the frypan, then cover the pan up with a lid
  • Regulate the heat so it can cook from outside to inside very slowly for about 10 to 12 minutes, you can slightly open the foil and turn the sides that are not well cooked unto the surface of the frying pan, till you get the fry you want.
  • Serve with pepper sauce or groundnut.

How to make roasted plantain (boli) with Grill

How to Prepare Roasted Plantain

Nigerian Roasted Plantain recipes

  1. Slightly ripe or unripped plantain
  2. Red Oil (palm oil)
How to Prepare
  1. Heat the grill or oven provided you don’t have a grill but have an oven
  2. Apply some red oil on the outer surface of your plantain (this is done to avoid the plantain sticking or gumming to surfaces)
  3. Cut through the plantain for easier heat penetration, if you like to look like roasted plantain chips, you can as well cut the plantain into small pieces to make it cook even and faster
  4. Place your arranged plantain on the grill and cover with lid to apply some mildly steam heat
  5. Check in about 7 minutes or till your plantain turns golden brown
  6. Serve with pepper sauce, fish or groundnut
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Note: some people like to apply little salt, and use butter in place of the red oil, its all good!

Enjoy your hot plantain

Health Benefits of Unriped Plaintain

Here are some Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain:

  1. The serotonin compound in unripe plantain helps to improve blood flow, this it does by dilating the arteries, it also helps to tackle stroke and coronary artery disease (homocysteine).
  2. It boost sexual performance especially in men, it helps enhance male fertility, boost sperm thicker sperm production, in women, it increases libido.
  3. It can help to prevent and cure ulcer with its phytochemical compounds one of which is leucocyanidin.
  4. The presence of calcium in unripped plantain helps to strengthen the bones
  5. It is a perfect meal for diabetic patients due to its low sugar compared to the ripe plantain
  6. It is also a low carb diet that can be very helpful for anyone who is conscious of their weight
  7. The presence of Vitamin B6 can help to heal inflammation of peripheral nerve or nerves (neuritis) and low red blood cells in the blood (anaemia).
  8. It helps nourish the skin and aids good vision with its vitamin B6 and C compounds.
  9. It strengthens the body’s immunity against free radicals and diseases.
  10. It aids good bowel movement.
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