How do i check my spectranet data balance?

QuestionsHow do i check my spectranet data balance?
Adeptniyi Staff asked 1 year ago

I am a new user on the network, please help how I can check my spectranet data balance?

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Adeptniyi Staff answered 1 year ago

If you are new to Spectranet and you are looking for how to check your spectranet data balance then you’ve landed on the right page, there are two ways you can check your data balance on Spectranet, firstly you can check using your mobile phone or check online.
To check with your mobile.
As you surf the web you want to see how much data you have expend at a particular point in time. Worry less! Just follow the below steps:

To check your Spectranet data balance on Phone is not by dialing a USSD code as you may expect, but rather you need to put a call through to their customer care operatives.

Spectranet customer care can be reached through this number 08002345678

Put up your phone and dial the number, you will be able to speak to an operative of Spectranet and simply tell them that you need to check your data balance. They will respond as swift as possible to your request.

If that method i a bit tiring to you you can try the second method which is a lot more straightforward.
Check Spectranet Data Balance online
The best method to check your data balance is to do it online, is a lot quicker and less boring, to get started, follow the steps below:

1. Open up a browser on your PC or Mobile phone

2. Visit the Spectranet website and find the Selfcare link, or use this,

3. On this page, you are required to input the login details (User ID and Password) you were given when you first purchase your Spectranet device.

4. Once you have supplied the correct details you should now be in your dashboard area.

5. On your personal dashboard, you need to check the menus to find data balance, it will be displayed in the digital clock form: 05:250:22. The column symbols are used to separately tell you how much GB:MB:KB remaining. So the above data balance means you have 5GB remaining, 250 MB, and 22KB of data in total available.

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