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What is the current concrete mixer price in Nigeria?

QuestionsWhat is the current concrete mixer price in Nigeria?
adeptniyi Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Does any one have the idea of how much a 400 to 500 litres concrete mixer would cost in Nigeria? Thanks

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Wellborn Staff answered 4 hours ago

The concrete mixer is needed for the production of the concrete mixture, but can also produce sand. Once the concrete mixer has been placed, it can be used immediately.

As seen on a 400 to 700 liters of concrete mixer would cost around N550,000 Naira. They currently have the eSignation brand with the below spec:
concrete mixer price in nigeria

  • Capacity (unmixed): 310L
  • Capacity (mixed): 260L
  • Hourly Production- 4.65m³/h
  • Drum Rotation- 30rpm (60Hz)

Concrete mixer 500 litres

This is a Rigid steel tube frame Trailer-type mounted concrete mixer on tow pneumatic tyres. It comes with Reinforced collapsible towing bar and the Engine and drive gear completely housed.

Price: ₦869,400

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